Youth Encounter 2022

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 – Fri, Jul 29, 2022

Youth Encounter South Florida 2022 is finally here! This three-day experience for middle and high school students features engaging music, fun activities, authentic discussions, powerful messages of hope, and so much more! 

Below you’ll find everything you need to know for your kid to have the best experience ever!

Need-to-Know Info

Drop Off & Parking

Drop Off

Wednesday: Drop off is on the west side of the Fort Lauderdale campus. Specifically, you should enter in the Discipleship Building (four-story building) at the CCA Reception Office.

Thursday and Friday: Drop off will be on the east side in the parking lot outside the youth building.

Pick Up

Pick up will be at 10pm on the east side of the Fort Lauderdale campus every day (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). We kindly ask that each student is picked up on time.


If your child is driving themselves to YE, they need to park on the east side in the parking lot by the youth building all three days of the event.


Separate meals will be available for those who indicated a food allergy on their registration form. But as always, encourage your child not to eat anything they may be allergic to. Students are welcome to bring their own dinner if they would like!

The 3 meals for each day are as follows:

  • Wednesday: Pizza
  • Thursday: Food Trucks
  • Friday: Chick-fil-A

If your child would like to buy YE merchandise or snacks during the event, please send them with cash or a card for purchases.

Special Assistance

If you indicated on the registration form that your child needs special assistance during YE, Andre from our King’s Kids Ministry should have reached out to you earlier this week to inform you of important details.

YE Color Wars

One of our favorite parts of YE is Color Wars. Each student will be placed on a team based on their grade. You are more than welcome to purchase clothing in your team’s color before the event! The colors for each grade are as follows:

6th Grade: YELLOW
7th-8th Grade: ORANGE
9th-10th Grade: PURPLE
11th-12th Grade: BLUE


Check in begins promptly at 4pm. If you haven’t checked in yet, please arrive between 4–5pm to ensure your kid gets checked in before the sanctuary doors open at 5:15pm!

We’re so excited for today and what God is going to do! We have a special guest speaker coming from Minnesota named Terry Parkman. He’s an incredible pastor and communicator. He will be talking tonight about our YE theme, “eternity.” His main passage of Scripture will be Ecclesiastes 3. When you pick up your kid tonight at 10pm, ask them what they learned from Ecclesiastes 3 and what God showed them about the concept of eternity. 

DAY 2: THURSDAY, July 28

The first session will begin promptly at 4pm, so make sure you drop off your child before 4pm on the east side of the sanctuary hallway. 

Our guest speaker tonight is Al Williams from Christ Fellowship Miami. He will be preaching on the reality of heaven and hell from John 3. We know this is a difficult topic for many young people to come to grips with, but it’s essential for everyone to understand in order to follow Jesus. 

If you have any questions about how to have conversations with your child about heaven and hell, please read this article

DAY 3: FRIDAY, July 29 

The first session will once again begin promptly at 4pm, so make sure you drop off your child before 4pm on the east side of the sanctuary hallway. 

Our guest speaker tonight is our very own Pastor Doug Sauder! He will be sharing his heart with the students and encouraging them to live in light of eternity. Once we understand that eternal life is real, it should change how we make day-to-day decisions. And Pastor Doug will be walking us through how to do that in a way that honors Jesus.

Dinner and Parenting Talk  |  6:15pm  |  Calvary Hall

We will be hosting a special dinner and Parenting Talk just for you at 6:15pm in the Calvary Hall. This talk will feature the authors of the book SEEN, Will Hutchinson and Dr. Chinwe Williams. They’ll be with us to cover essential information about the dynamics of despair in teens in a clear and understandable way. They’ll share helpful information about why your son or daughter will face struggles at some point, but how there is always hope knowing we can help. As a parent, you’ll learn about different tools of connection and the critical steps you can take to help your teens feel safe and promote healing. Immediately following this event, you’ll join us in the sanctuary for the final session of YE. Please let us know you’re coming by registering here. 

Baptism for Students  |  10pm (after the last session)  |  On The Green

Is your student ready to take the next step in their faith? We’ll have an amazing baptism opportunity available for them after the last session on Friday, July 29 on the Green. This opportunity is the best next step for any student who is ready to publicly declare their personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Encourage them to bring a towel and change of clothes. We can’t wait to celebrate this incredible step of obedience in their lives with you!

Finally, please be in prayer for every young person in attendance tonight. After the sermon, each person will be given an opportunity to make the greatest decision of their lives: to follow Jesus! The altar call invitation will be given around 9:30pm. So, please be praying around that time for the Holy Spirit to draw young hearts to Christ.

DAY 4: OUTREACH: Saturday, July 30

We’ll be hosting an outreach Saturday morning for YE students who would like to give back to their community. We love South Florida, and we want the people of our city to know that Jesus loves them too! The outreach is from 8:30am–12:30pm. You can register your child here.


YE 2023

Like every year before this one, we know that YE 2022 will be one for the books and an event we will truly never forget! The Lord will show up and meet us as we worship Him, study His Word, and have a whole lot of fun! 

We love you and we already can’t wait for YE 2023!