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I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.


Thank you getting replies now

BTW 2 urgent prayer requests NOW:

1.Dennis Williams of my HOS trustee going for serious complex heart surgery THIS MONDAY 19th 2020 He’s supportive to help keep termites exterminator for All condos including mine to check in crawspace in May I The Guardian termite inspectors pass testing by Gods grace,

2. UPDATE BOB (bipolar)just left message on having sever stomach issues GI testing possible tumor/polps (pray non cancer) This week many test results to find out why he’s bleeding in his stools and unknown stomach pain (his gf Codenpdnt friend Valeri be broken from Light witchy new age issue effects him doesn’t want to leave her. 🙁

my deep breathing -anxiety environmental issues changing of weather getting some relief PTL keep praying.

Pray for Wisdom for me Dr Magziner is against getting Vaccine Joanne wants me to get Moderna Vac I’m alone and no family support if side effects occur can not afford getting into medical hands that have no history of my multiple health issues. IM on many supplements Dr Magaziner is taking recommends to keep COVID at bay.

Please God may Computer Experimac Frank /Bill owner(also salvation) Frank CLAIMs he hasn’t fix the hard drive issue since Oct 2020 PAID IN FULL

Need Divine favor no extra charges but have patience with me due to cognitive impairments would graciously run smooth (considering buying this lent old laptop since using it since oct 2020 Im nervous long over due since October 2020 covid complications and other health issues and Franks repair issues said should be Ok next week last week was canceled AGAIN THIS WEEK he says not fixed hard drive May Osman and I be able to go next week Lord willing my health issues weather may get this resolved

John’s health his Sue sister sever back pain(seems little better PTL) and mental emotional issues Lorriane friend in group being abused robbed of cash Bob bipolar) his codepedents GF Valerie has (Light witch astral/ issues) warned him to STAY away.

Mark’s salvation both daughter Emma bipolar Angie Keith (No helping me with med schedule dropped out) 20 sec call in helped me a lot,)

Joanne (would call CHOOSE to call Dr Magaziner like she has previously successfully at end month

Driver Osman PTL EYES now fine needs salvation loss brother dead in Iraq. funeral this week may God save souls!

Dr Racite fine favor with GCCC help in assisting resourceful more legal medical ppl who can be trusted.

Dr also agrees Joanne needs to assist Dennis in various issues like she did before New Rx Plan needed Med refills calls for appts drivers alerts Jesus please have mercy on me those I pray for in my sever pain anxiety suffering Save souls Jesus despite it all. Deeply Appreciate all you may be able to daily uphold me in prayer I need them Prayer team! xox thanks

Received: April 17, 2021

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