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Sorry if mistaken email Re sending in prayer request

Urgent Prayer for Susan Johns Sister Ext Back Pain had back surgery recent past 4 months Lorraine (in group state home mental issues ) suspects Blood clots due to effects of Covid19 Gods mercy (in her mind) no real medical attn needed.

I AM badly struggling with keeping with on pain med supplemental schedule my few friends would call me on time dropped off off.:( extended cold bitter weather (for me anything under 40s) made my anxiety pain levels higher. cancelling Dr Apts etc Pray My Pain meds is avaiblle properly FULLED WITHOUT ISSUES near end of month early April so much stress needed another prescription plan she got this one.

I need to resolve tech laptop macbook pro repaired both time capsule paid back ijn November Frank Experimac doesnt not return calls in the postive Pray somehow its fixed and updated with APPS applied and Time Machine Capsule router all works with printer

Continued Prayer for Gods protection direction on IME appt sometime in April praying for May Joanne)who works for state farm my medical trans plus some case manager stuff) wants to me see Dr Corda Pain Institute hopefully will Accet PIP since most my chronic pain TBI TMJ high anxiety sleepiness issues stem from it resulted from 1986 MVA with 18 wheeler truck .

Again Keep John Bob (&Mom) Angie Keith (marriage doing better PTL!) Valerie Mark P His daughter Bipolar Emma.

GCCCPBruce be willing to help with Dr Racite back up drs legal assistants to help Dr Racite against State Farms IME (could be delayed April or later May or may not have it all all Lord knows State Farm in past they declined to enforced IME in 2010-2012 and earlier but one I got in IME2014 went successfully)) May State Farm Forensic Psych Dr be favorable towards all my medical dental care teams Dr Racites extra practical help be favored due to Covid19 my age health and age group. My PIP Lawyer Arlene have favor successfully to have them back off

Struggling in Jesus badly I dearly Love and cherish your daily prayers for requests entered and past ones i didnt list XOx to my chat prayer online team

Received: March 20, 2021

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