Missions Trips

You can make a difference in someone’s life by going on a mission trip! Jesus calls His people to go out into the world to share His love and serve others in His name. In 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to follow His calling and connect with others. 

Calvary will be heading to countries like Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, the Bahamas, and more. You can be part of building a house for someone, creating a safe place for others to worship, or helping to provide access to education to a student for the first time. 

These trips are available for all age groups. So, no matter who you are, you can share the love of Jesus in a tangible way this year.


Awake: Missionary Prayer Meeting

Let’s come together and pray for our missionaries that are on the field right now, getting ready to go on mission, and for what God is doing around the world! If you want to join us on Zoom, you can click the link below for more details.


Missionary Updates


Get to know and pray for some of our missionaries as they spread the gospel worldwide! You can learn more about each of them by visiting the link below.

Our Missionaries

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about our missionaries, please send an email using the email address provided below:



Colombia – Cartagena

Colombia – Tierra Bomba


Logos Hope


One Hope


Spanish Fellowship


What type of work will I do on a short-term mission trip?

Every trip is different. The underlying goal of our Global Outreach Ministry is church planting and church support. Trips revolve around building up the local church through effective evangelism and discipleship in the local community. Most trips are a combination of many things, including: church service projects, community outreach, evangelism through drama and concerts, vacation Bible school for children, and even conferences for pastors and leaders. Caring for, encouraging, and loving our missionaries are also some key objectives.

How do I raise support for a mission trip?

After the deposit is made, up to 100% of the remaining trip cost can be covered by support. For ideas on how to fundraise, click here.

Do I need a passport?

For international trips, you must have a valid passport with at least six months
remaining prior your passport expiration from the date of departure and at least two
free pages for entry/exit and visa stamps. For domestic trips, a valid state issued ID is
required. You are required to obtain these on your own. For more information,
visit http://Travel.State.gov/Passport.

What does the trip cost cover and not cover?
  • The trip cost includes airfare, airport taxes, visas, meals, lodging, in country transportation, ministry expenses, and international travel insurance. 
  • It does not cover immunizations, airport snacks, sovourneirs and optional recreational activities. During training, you’ll be informed of any additional expenses.
Do I need any previous missions experience?

A few of our trips are specialized in nature, and if there are requirements, you’ll be made aware of them during the interview process. Most trips are great opportunities for those new to missions, those who are called, or those willing to try new things.

How do I apply to be a part of a team?

To apply for a trip, click here. Be prepared to spend about 45 minutes filling out your application. The application includes a $300 deposit. This deposit is your personal commitment to the mission trip. Applications submitted without the deposit will not be considered for participation. Upon applying, the Global Outreach Team will review your application and set up an interview. You can expect to hear whether you have been accepted to the team about 7-10 days after your application has been submitted.

Is my deposit refundable if I’m not accepted to the team?

If for some reason Calvary Chapel makes the choice to decline your application, your fee is fully refundable. If you, however, make the choice to cancel your participation, refunds cannot be given per IRS regulations since they are categorized as donations toward a missions project. 

Does my trip have to be paid in full before I go?

For your convenience, financial due dates are spread out in increments over time.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. All donations allocated to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale are tax deductible and the donor will receive a year-end statement. Cash and other donations made out to the individual are not tax deductible, so it’s best that donors give online at CalvaryFTL.org/missiontrips

How do my donors give towards my trip?

ALL payments/donations are received electronically at CalvaryFTL.org/missiontrips. When a donation is made, a transaction receipt will be e-mailed to the donor. 

Do I have to attend all team meetings in order to be a team member?

Training is required because we are committed to preparing you as completely as possible. This is an essential time for understanding the culture and ministry, as well as building team unity. Team training dates are on the calendar well in advance, so you can plan accordingly. For your convenience, we typically meet after Sunday services. If you commit to a trip, you are committing to training and to a team, so please give training dates the highest priority. 

May I deviate from the group’s itinerary—stay longer or leave early?

Due to restrictions imposed by airlines on individual and group tickets, deviations can often increase the cost for all other trip participants. Therefore, we’re generally unable to accommodate deviations from the group itinerary. If a deviation is required due to extenuating circumstances, the individual would be responsible for all additional costs. Under no circumstances will deviations be allowed on the front end of the trip. The team must travel to the country together.

What immunizations are required?

Each country has its own recommendations and requirements. The government has a website which we use as our guide (CDC.gov/Travel). Once you’re accepted to the team, you’ll be made aware of recommendations and requirements. As a church, we’ll give you the freedom to prayerfully consider recommended immunizations; however, you must get any required immunizations. Some immunizations take several weeks to take effect, so plan early. Suggestions made by us are general. If you have special health needs, direct your questions to your doctor. If you do not have a doctor, the Broward County Health Department operates a travel clinic where you can receive counsel and immunizations https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines.

Do I need to attend Calvary Chapel to be considered?

No, but you must regularly attend church somewhere. During the trip, you’re a representative of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and will be expected to adhere to our statement of faith. Preference will be given to Calvary Chapel attendees if applications exceed available spots.