Leadership Covenant

Sign Our Leadership Covenant

What Is A Covenant?

A covenant is an agreement that two parties enter into willingly, committed to a shared outcome. Here at Calvary, that shared outcome is to make disciples. 

A covenant community is all in. It means there is a shared vision where everyone is working together, in spiritual unity, with biblical lifestyle standards and core values that honor the Lord and one another. A covenant helps the leaders at Calvary to better serve our church with mutual devotion to Christ and an unwavering commitment to making disciples without compromising our foundational values.

Why Am I Signing?

This covenant will help us accomplish the following important priorities: 

Clear Expectations and Standards for Leadership

  • Defines our Statement of Faith, Biblical Lifestyle Commitments, and family values to the public
  • Helps to provide clear expectations and boundaries for new and existing leaders
  • Increases safety through a thorough interview and signing process for new leaders
  • Builds trust and connection through shared lifestyle commitments 
  • Shares our pursuit of biblical resolution when we experience conflict 
  • Explains the redemptive process of church discipline and why it is needed