Sharing the Gospel Through Generosity

We believe that giving is a part of worship.

It’s a joy and privilege, not an obligation to be fulfilled. God is so generous; He sent His Son to give us life to save us. So, in response to all He’s done, we give to His house so others can know Jesus and experience the freedom and forgiveness He offers.

Giving strengthens our devotion to Christ and frees us to live open-handedly with the gifts God gives us. If you’ve never given before, we invite you to take the challenge and put God to the test (Malachi 3:10)!

Tithes: The Biblical Foundation of Giving

In the Bible, we learn there are two different types of giving: tithes and offerings. The tithe is our baseline standard for giving. When we give the first 10% of our income to the church, we put God first in our lives.

Offerings: Above and Beyond

An offering is when we feel called to give generously above and beyond, when we see a need and are moved to meet it. We hope that you as an individual or as a family will prayerfully consider how God may be inviting you to get in the story and give.

Going Above and Beyond

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory.”—Ephesians 3:20–21 (NIV)

Here are different areas you can give to in addition to your normal tithe.


Fuel the mission to change our world and be a part of what is happening through Calvary all across the globe.

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Kingdom Builders

Invest in the mission to build strategic spaces and places across South Florida where the gospel can flourish through the local church.

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Relief & Restoration

Support our commitment to reach out when crisis hits lost and hurting people through local outreach, benevolence care and crisis intervention for families in need.

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Ways to Give 
Thank you for your gift!

There are several options for you to choose from to make your giving easy and secure.

On Our Website

Select your campus above and click GIVE to fill out your info

Text Message

Text GIVE to 31352 from your phone and click on the link

Mobile App

Download the CalvaryFTL mobile app and click on GIVE


Giving is easy with our secure giving system PushPay. Here is a list of questions that that we hope provides you with some helpful answers. If you have questions after reviewing this list, our Engagement team would love to serve you. You can call us Monday—Friday between 8am-5pm at 954-556-4499.
What is Pushpay?

Pushpay is the secure, PCI DSS compliant company that Calvary Chapel has contracted with to provide secure giving.

Why would I set up a login and password with Pushpay?

When you create an account with Pushpay, all your information including your credit card or debit card is saved for easy access the next time you give.

Do I have to create a login with Pushpay in order to give?

No. You can give without creating a login.

What forms of payment can I use with giving?

All credit cards or debit cards from Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. Your bank account is also another accepted method. Your gift will be charged to your method of payment, not to your phone bill.

Can I set up recurring giving?

Yes. Choose the recurring tab to set up a gift that you want to give on a regular basis.

Do I receive a receipt?

After you make a donation, you will receive an electronic receipt by e-mail that is issued immediately. The receipt states that you have donated to Calvary Chapel and shows the amount.

Where can I see a record of my entire giving history?

Go to, click on the menu bar under the search button on the top right hand corner of the screen, and select “Login.” Once you’re logged in, scroll down to “My Giving” and click “View History” on the right.

Will my giving be recorded for tax purposes?

Your giving is automatically recorded with Calvary and added to your giving statement.

Does 100% of my giving go to Calvary Chapel when I give with a credit or debit card?

For each transaction, there is a merchant charge to Calvary from the credit card companies of approximately 2.3%.