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Against The World , For The World

Pastor Doug Sauder · August 2, 2015

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August 5, 2015

What do you believe? How would you describe belief? It really depends on the context, doesn’t it? For instance, I can say I believe in gravity, but gravity is something that can be proved scientifically. Some beliefs have nothing to do with faith, yet it expresses trust.

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August Date Night Challenge

August 4, 2015

Adventure Date: It’s time to be daring! Why not pick an activity that allows you to be brave together as a couple? Adventure is out there! Now, it’s your job to find it together.

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Weekend Message Takeaway: “Against the World, For the World” (August 1–2)

August 3, 2015

Paul is on a mission to spread the gospel, but he finds himself rejected, beaten, and scorned in every city he sets foot. Now driven to Corinth, a city plagued by sexual immorality, Paul is insufferably grieved and discouraged. Acts 18 teaches us that God loves all people, in all places at all times, and challenges us to consider a simple but sobering question: “Do you feel burdened for the lost in your city?”

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