Thank You for Your Generosity!

The Bible tells us that God’s “faithfulness is a shield” (Psalm 91:4), that “all His work is done in faithfulness” (Psalm 33:4), and that His “faithfulness endures to all generations” (Psalm 119:90). Throughout 2022, a year full of opportunity and growth, we’ve continually seen that our God is faithful! And it’s been amazing to witness how He’s worked in, through, and around you, His Church.

Every year, we get to marvel at how He uses your generosity to advance the gospel and build up the kingdom of God here in South Florida and around the world. And this year was no different. As a result of your continued faithfulness and partnership, the Lord positioned our church to reach our community and change our world with the gospel. As we end 2022 and look forward to 2023, there’s still time for you to make a year-end gift with a grateful heart to our generous God.

Thank you for getting in the story this year!

Give a Year-End Gift

2021 – 2022 Annual Report

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