Wills and Trusts

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If you could see the future, what would it look like?

Many find themselves in the same shoes as Thomas and Susan, knowing they don’t have a plan and not knowing where to start. You don’t have to have a large estate or many assets to have your children’s future taken care of, so they won’t be burdened with long legal processes. At Calvary, we want you to have financial peace of mind and help you through every necessary step in the planning process to make sure you and your family have a secure plan no matter what stage of life you find yourself in.

Calvary and Financial Planning Ministry make planning your future easy.

Preparing for and making your end-of-life financial and property decisions can be challenging and a bit uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be! At Calvary, we want to make sure you feel secure in your decision making so when the time comes, the burden is lifted off your family. Listen as seminar attendees share their Financial Planning Ministry seminar experiences and the joy they feel in leaving behind a legacy they can be proud of.

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans

In partnership with Financial Planning Ministry, it is our privilege to provide complimentary wills and trust seminar to our church family. This seminar provides education on wills vs trusts and how to leave a lasting legacy. You have access to one-on-one coaching as well as document preparation for your family’s peace of mind.

Financial Freedom is a ministry that Calvary Chapel offers to help families achieve peace of mind as they establish their legacy through wills, trusts and estate plans. Whether you think you have enough money or assets to need a trust or estate plan or not, you actually do – regardless of your age or stage in life.