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Opportunities to serve in the church office answering phones and doing light office work. 

Do you want to serve the body at the Boynton Campus? We have many opportunities that we could use the extra hands.In the MESSAGE section below, let us know if one or many of these areas are of interest, or just leave it blank if you need some recommendations: Admin SupportAudio/VisualCafeCalvary…

We have volunteer opportunities at our services on Sunday morning to cashier, prepare or serve a meal, set-up or break-down.

We invite you to be part of the Calvary Kids Team! These are spiritually impressionable years when kids are developing value system based on the word of God! This is a great opportunity to disciple the next generation.


Boynton Beach

Once a month our worship team has a choir join the worship service. If you have a passion for singing and this interests you, sign up today!

Do people say you’re warm, friendly and kind? Do you love having people come to your home? Do you have a heart to help visitors to Calvary Chapel?  Our elite “Connection Point” team could be a fantastic way for you to use your God-given gift of Hospitality to connect guests to…

Bring the love and hope of Jesus to the elderly in Boynton Beach.

Supporting and strengthening singles, engaged, and marriage relationships through classes, counseling, and Bibles studies.

Do you have a heart to help people and a desire to protect the flock? Do you have a military, police or security background? Sign up and see if the Gatekeepers team can use your skills, gifts and talents for the Lord!


Boynton Beach

If you like to put on your best smile, make others feel welcome, and have a heart to serve this just might be the ministry for you! We are looking for men and women to join in welcoming the guest to church services each week.

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the HSM Room for our weekly service. Each service consists of praise music, teaching, and a small group style discussion.

New Believer Encouragers Team is looking for volunteers to join in encouraging the new believers each week.

The parking attendants are one of the first individuals to make a positive impression on first time visitors. They also are one of the first smiles seen on campus for our regular Calvary Chapel Body. This team tirelessly works outside whether it is raining, cold, hot, or windy. 

Reach Team

Boynton Beach

Join others and share the gospel in our local community through outreach events.

Serving Others Selflessly… would you like to prepare a meal, deliver a meal, clean a house and love on those who need a little extra help? We have new moms, families in mourning, those who are battling illnesses, or other circumstances that would be blessed by your selfless act of…

Join the Calvary Crew!

As part of one of our volunteer teams, not only will you make a difference in people’s lives, but you’ll also be enriched by serving. Most importantly, you’ll be bringing glory to Jesus and helping others know Him as you live out a key component of whole-life generosity!

We have a variety of amazing opportunities for you to be blessed as you bless others through your time and talents.

Church volunteer stories

A man who grew up Hindu his whole life just moved here from India. His wife came to know Jesus and started dragging him to our church. She told him, ‘I’m going to Calvary, so you have to come.’ So, he agreed. At his first opportunity on Easter Sunday, he walked forward. ‘This is what I’ve been looking for. There’s nothing like this in the Hindu faith,’ he said as he entered the New Believers Room.

David New Believer's Room

My favorite part about serving in Calvary Kids is being able to watch the little ones praise Jesus during worship

Joanna Calvary Kids

It’s up to us to lead them to the Light — the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Steven Member