Vision Area Prayer Requests

Thank you for committing to praying for the various ministries within the Calvary Vision. Without your prayer and support, none of this would be possible. Prayer is one of the most vital needs of the Calvary Vision. Below is a list of specific prayer requests you can incorporate into your time with God to further support the goal of this vision.


Prayer Requests
  • Healing for those struggling with mental illness.
  • For those still in bondage to their addictions—that cravings would be removed, they would surrender, repent, and seek out healing.
  • Those newly clean would find strength from Jesus to resist cravings, for healing, transparency, and a safe community to promote healing.
  • For the children, spouses, parents, and siblings of those entering recovery. 
  • For help to be available when the person makes the decision to turn from their addiction.
Ways to Bless Someone in Recovery
  • Write an encouraging card to someone who is in prison. 
  • Send a text message to someone you know who struggles with anxiety or depression.

Business Engagement

Prayer Requests
  • For innovation and wisdom for the business owners who have struggled to keep their businesses open or who have lost their business.
  • Protection for the essential workers and front-line heroes who have continued to work in this time.
  • For provision and guidance for those who are unemployed.
Ways to Bless Business Leaders
  • Buy a gift card or order takeout from local restaurants in your area. 
  • Create a “thank you sign” for essential workers and front-line heroes to place in your yard.
  • Drop off a “care package” for a small business owner.
  • Take a moment to smile and encourage the cashier in the grocery store, server in a restaurant, or even the teller at your bank.


Prayer Requests
  • Students who find themselves struggling or attempting to make up for learning gaps from the 2020/2021 school year
  • Energy and strength for the teachers who are teaching either live, virtually, or both.
  • Wisdom for administrators and principals making decisions and planning for managing the schools in the midst of the pandemic. 
  • Peace for the home situations of students who are used to a stable school environment that is absent during this time.
Ways to Bless Educators and Students
  • Sign up to donate a few hours to tutor a student.
  • Create a basket with school supplies, cleaning supplies, and individually packaged snacks for teachers
  • Write cards or letters of encouragement to administrators, teachers, and principals and drop them off at your child’s school or local school down the street.

Church Planting

Prayer Requests
  • For wisdom, patience, perseverance, and good community for pastors and church planters.
  • For congregations to re-engage with coming back to church and take an active role in the body of Christ.
  • For pastors who are exhausted, struggling, or discouraged.
Ways to Bless Church Plants
  • Write an encouraging letter to pastors of the churches in your community.

Elderly Care

Prayer Requests
  • For seniors whose mental health is struggling during this time.
  • Seniors are lonely and bored and not allowed to visit their families or visit with their fellow residents.
  • The staff of nursing homes and facilities for seniors who have been working tirelessly.
  • Those forced into retirement early to find meaning and purpose.
Ways to Bless Our Elderly Population and Caregivers
  • Donate your new or used iPad or Kindle Fire to nursing home residents so they can connect with their loved ones!
  • Adopt a grandparent! Use social media, send a card to a nursing home, offer to be a penpal, or organize a caravan with your small group.

Foster Care

Prayer Requests
  • For foster care children to experience God’s love, hope, and peace.
  • Endurance, resilience, and joy for our foster families and the children. 
  • For the biological parents who have lost their children and are now navigating their case plan in order to reunite with their children.
Ways to Bless Foster Children and Families
  • Drop off a meal to a foster family that you know.
  • Donate clean clothes or journals and art supplies to your local foster care agency for children to receive when they come into care.

Marriage & Family

Prayer Requests
  • For open communication between spouses and children under the stress of the pandemic.
  • Relief of stress points of pandemic including the rise of pornography struggles, loss of income, childcare, elderly parent care, navigating working and attending school from home.
  • Victims of domestic abuse to find the help and healing they need.
  • For God’s love to permeate every home as a foundation and pillar for families.
Ways to Bless Families and Couples
  • Follow @CCFTLCouples on Facebook and Instagram to share resources and increase digital reach.
  • Pray with your group for marriages.
  • Provide babysitting to allow a married couple to have date night.

Next Generation

Prayer Requests for College Aged Next Gen
  • For young adults who are struggling with anxiety and depression.
  • For the young adults who have just graduated from college and are now entering the workforce, have lost jobs, and are looking for employment.
  • Pray for our young adults as they are constantly searching and learning about their identity.
Ways to Bless the Young Adults in Your Community
  • Create care packages that can be dropped off or mailed to college students.
  • Ask a young adult out for coffee or lunch. Offer to be available to listen and get to know them!
  • Ask if you can DoorDash a meal or make a meal for a young adult.
Prayer Requests for Newborn – 12th Grade Next Gen
  • That the next generation (newborn–12th grade) would discover who they are in Christ, where they belong, and why they were created. 
  • For students to consistently be engaged in and transformed through the word of God.
  • For students to get connected in a small group and find their place in the church.
Ways to Bless the Next Generation in Your Community
  • Sign up to mentor a young person or lead a small group with young people. 
  • Make cookies or deliver a meal and a letter to the local fire or police department with your family.  
  • With your family, wash neighbors’ cars, make a meal for a neighbor, or invite a friend to your small group.