Calvary Vision Prayer Prompts


The objective of this team is to develop different methods of engagement that will help facilitate evangelism and discipleship in addiction centers throughout South Florida, while also creating advocacy plans that remove the stigma of addiction.

Recognizing the effects of the addiction cycle on the individual, family, and community at a social level, and believing that God is the only One who can truly break through this cycle, this Vision Team will look at preventative and restorative opportunities. These include educational school programs and advocacy movements at the local, state, and national level that make the accessibility to addictive drugs more restrictive.

Business Engagement

The objective of this team is to engage with the South Florida business community to infuse kingdom-based principles, training, and transformational connections in business, while also creating discipleship opportunities within the community. 

This Vision Team will seek to engage with professionals by developing programs that model biblical principles in business. We’ll also identify innovative ways to grow and disciple future leaders. Additionally, we’ll address unemployment in our community by connecting those searching for a job with businesses and employment opportunities through job fairs, interview training, and more.