Vision Teams

Get In The Story: Join a Vision Team!

As a team member, you’ll have the awesome opportunity to meet and work with other dynamic, passionate people to come up with strategies and develop action plans for your team’s specific area of influence. You’ll also get to take part in cool, innovative projects, build great relationships, and make an impact on countless lives.


The objective of this team is to develop different methods of engagement that will help facilitate evangelism and discipleship in addiction centers throughout South Florida, while also creating advocacy plans that remove the stigma of addiction.

Recognizing the effects of the addiction cycle on the individual, family, and community at a social level, and believing that God is the only One who can truly break through this cycle, this Vision Team will look at preventative and restorative opportunities. These include educational school programs and advocacy movements at the local, state, and national level that make the accessibility to addictive drugs more restrictive.

Business Engagement

The objective of this team is to engage with the South Florida business community to infuse kingdom-based principles, training, and transformational connections in business, while also creating discipleship opportunities within the community. 

This Vision Team will seek to engage with professionals by developing programs that model biblical principles in business. We’ll also identify innovative ways to grow and disciple future leaders. Additionally, we’ll address unemployment in our community by connecting those searching for a job with businesses and employment opportunities through job fairs, interview training, and more.

Church Planting

The objective of this team is to develop a church planting process that facilitates the establishment and development of new churches in the South Florida area, while also providing resources, encouragement, and support for church planters and their families. 

Recognizing that new churches are one of the most effective ways to reach the unchurched, this team will seek to develop a process that facilitates the growth of new churches in the South Florida area to include Calvary Chapel campuses and church plants, while also partnering with Church United to help and support church planters in the community.


The objective of this team is to become a resource to public and private schools as a means to building discipleship relationships within the educational system. 

By partnering with local schools and funding programs such as First Priority and Firewall Ministries, this Vision Team will seek to become a resource to the educational system by assisting with the financial, systematic, and social issues our schools face. As we build deeper relationships at the school and educational board level, we’ll work together to create opportunities for students, faculty, and administrators to flourish in healthy discipleship relationships.

Elderly Care

The objective of this team is to engage the elderly community to deepen their faith in God and mobilize them as key members of society through the contribution of mentorship and discipleship. 

Recognizing that Florida has been ranked the number one state move to when you retire and understanding the expected growth in this population over the next five years, this Vision Team will seek to develop opportunities that engage this population. By designing programs at senior facilities that allow us to provide discipleship, volunteer, and fellowship opportunities, our desire is to help bring a renewed sense of purpose to this population.

Foster Care

The objective of this team is to provide a home for every child, while also sharing the hope of Christ and facilitating restoration and healing to children and families suffering due to abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Recognizing that there are thousands of kids in crisis in our state and the dangers at-risk kids face (drugs, human trafficking, etc.), foster care has always been at the core of our church. By partnering with other churches, expanding our care community teams, and hosting events like Kids Night Out, we’ll raise awareness about the orphan crisis and recruit, train, and support more homes that can care for children entering the foster care.

Marriage & Family

The objective of this team is to create programs, services, and resources that directly and indirectly impact marriages and lower divorce rates in South Florida, while also providing opportunities for discipleship. 

Recognizing the role that family plays in a healthy culture and society, this Vision Team will strive to create dynamic programs and services to strengthen marriages in the church and community. We’ll provide premarital resources to help couples thrive and experience healthy marriages, which will minimize the potential for divorce. We’ll also look to create an infrastructure that assists and cares for those walking through the painful journey of divorce.

Next Generation

The objective of this team is to take a holistic look at the spiritual development of children, adolescents, and young adults to better understand how they practice their faith. This will help us build strong, discipleship-focused programs specifically designed to engage kids and youth in a deeper, more authentic relationship with God as they move from adolescence into adulthood. We’ll also develop discipleship opportunities on college campuses that will help strengthen the college and post college-aged student’s faith, while also opening doors for evangelism and outreach to unchurched college students.