"The Good Life" Resources

A Study on Habits that Shape Your Story!

This four-part study explores various spiritual habits that help us have a richer relationship with Jesus, enable us to experience His love and grace on a deeper, more intimate level, and allow us to live the full, abundant life we were created for . . . the kind of life Jesus came to give us! Below, you’ll find the teachings from this series, as well as articles, Bible reading plans, playlists, and small group study materials to help you experience the good life!


Messages From This Series

Week 1: The Habit of Bible Reading

In part one of this series, Pastor Doug Sauder shares the importance of Bible reading and how we can build a healthy rhythm of Scripture engagement.

Week 2: The Habit of Prayer & Rest

In part two, Pastor Doug dives into the spiritual habits of prayer and rest. In this message, we learn about the importance of calendaring rhythms of rest and prayer and why we must find our prayer closet (and what that means).

Week 3: The Habit of Life Together

In part three, Pastor Chris Baselice dives into the habit of community, of doing life together. In this message we discover the importance of confession, accountability, deep friendship, learning and studying together, and sharing meals together.

Week 4: The Habit of Service

In week four, Pastor Doug shares about the habit of service as we discover that when we serve others, we’re participating in the divine. We also learn that Christian service is more than just action, it’s also about posture and attitude, and it requires practice.

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