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“Joseph had a dream . . .”—Genesis 37:5 (NIV)

Sometimes, in the midst of the daily grind, it can be easy to overlook, get distracted from, put off, or even forget the dreams that the Lord has put on your heart. Throughout the Bible, whenever the Israelites would get off course or forget what God called them to do, we see God remind them of what He’s already done for them! 

So, let’s do just that! Let’s remember and relive what God has done and what He’s calling us do so we can move ahead in faith in the coming season.

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Life is about creating moments where your family and friends feel truly loved and encouraged. 

We’re in Florida, so summer starts early for us! And as restrictions begin to lift and we’re able to gather, there is no doubt many will be looking for fun, responsible, and safe things to do with friends. For most of us, there’s nothing like getting together with friends and family around a table—enjoying a meal, sharing stories, laughing, and making memorable moments. As you begin to plan your summer activities with your family and friends, your small group, your coworkers or your neighbors, here are some fun ideas you may want to consider!

Charcuterie Board

Create a carefully crafted Charcuterie Board and have a picnic at the park or the beach—if it’s open.


Build your Charcuterie Board

Movie Magic

Plan a Movie Magic Night in your backyard and send out your custom-made invites to everyone in your neighborhood.

Download Movie Magic Invite

Better Together: The Impact of Community

Setting the Course

Calvary Chapel Plantation: Men’s Bible Study at Plantation

The Sisterhood Movement

Calvary Chapel Boca: Women’s Bible study at Boca Raton

Stories of Generosity

Life isn’t always straight and narrow. Family isn’t always blood—it doesn’t always equal two parents plus a child(ren). In fact, you probably have friends who feel like family, who taught you that love isn’t only found within the home you grew up in.

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Closing Thoughts

Grand Grace and Great Deliverance

In this inspiring devotional, discover how in the same way that God worked in Joseph’s life and trials to bring about good and save many, He is working to bring about the greatest good in and through you.