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Here at Calvary, we have rhythms of generosity. We believe that generosity comes in many forms and always brings joy. Why? Because through it we’re honoring and imitating Jesus who was first generous to us!

You can make a difference in your sector of the world through your generosity this year. There are many ways you can be generous. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

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Did you know that God created you with a unique purpose and set of gifts? He has equipped you with these gifts, and we want to help you identify, understand, and use them! Want to learn what your spiritual gifts are?


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God never intended for us to do life alone. But life can feel lonely sometimes, can’t it? Here’s just one example of how a simple invitation changed someone’s story forever.

For The One

You’re invited to be part of the remarkable story of transformation and life change that God is doing in South Florida. You can get in the story! Here are some inspiring stories from ordinary people who said, “You know what, I think God made me for a reason, and I want to live a life on purpose for more than myself.”

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One of the most underrated gifts you can give someone is your time. You can do this by simply carving out some quality time to take a friend or family member out to lunch or by volunteering to serve together at an outreach like Celebration of Peace.


This is one of the most needed gifts during the holiday season. So many go through the holidays feeling alone. You have the opportunity to change that for someone by inviting them over to watch holiday movies, inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner, or making plans to serve together.


This may seem like an obvious way to be generous, but you’d be surprised how often it can be overlooked. You can be generous with gifts this year by buying a Christmas gift for a child in need. Not sure if you know anyone? You can fill up a shoebox of small gifts through Operation Christmas Child. These shoeboxes go to children worldwide, and through your generosity, they can experience the love of Jesus.


The gift of joy can look different for different people, but it’s not as lofty as it sounds. Giving the gift of joy is usually found in simple acts of kindness and encouragement. You can bring joy to someone’s day by bringing them an unexpected coffee, letting them know you’re thinking of them, or sitting down and praying with someone. This could even look like volunteering to feed a family this Thanksgiving—allowing them to celebrate together, worry free, surrounded by their family with a meal at the table.

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Memories are one of the most special ways you can be generous this year. Whether it’s reminiscing with your loved ones about some happy times you had together or creating new memories, it’s one of the most precious gifts out there. Take your kids or grandparents on a picnic by the beach or drive around to look at holiday decorations with friends who might be far from home.


As a family or individual, you can give to the Birthday Gift for Jesus, make a special contribution to something you’re passionate about, or support a local nonprofit organization to help meet the needs of those who are struggling!

Discovering your purpose can feel impossible, but the truth is God made you and gave you spiritual gifts for a purpose! We hope these articles in Seasons is helpful on your journey to discovering your gifts and empowering you to live your life on mission!