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I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.


Resend error Update Continue Pray for Diane her Leg Infection after seeing her Dr gave antibiotics May Jesus Healing grace intervene in her dire situation

Update with complex heart surgery outcome Monday HOA trustee Dennis Williams except had to go back in 2 days later surgery now resting at home pray for divine healing and salvation with his wife.

keep praying for all past prayer requests

May1 Saturday Meds anxiety Watson brand be available and refilled delivered by Joanne promptly so. Swelling in feet poor circulation go down without more medical issues.

Dr Magaziner May 6th appt go well will continue with meds as needed and supplements regiment adjustments

Dental Edenbaum/Lenahan hygienist Chris June 13th go well.

May Joanne continue to help me again dealing with my Drs Office and Rx RiteAid instead of leaving me high n dry worrying who will assist me .Osmans eyes are 20/20 medical driver for me PTL your prayers help!

Update Bob appears lessened pain praying psych meds adjustment and ween off Valerie new age gf dependence (Salvation deliverance)

Dr Racite and GCCC RevBruce get together be resourceful with additional legal medical can be helpful Pray divine favor with Dr Magaziner

State Farm IME Dr Boyer be reconsidered and delayed due to covid and health stressful under environment weather breathing panic anxiety .

John health Anthony doin better recovering COVID THANK U for prayers Lorraine as well you all prayed PTL continue for Angie Keith health mark’s New job came thru as prayed months ago and daughter- emma despite BiPolar but shes excelling in college studies PTL!.

Giving Praise to God Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit working thru CCFTLD Prayer team! For daily praying for me in my chronic pain TBI etc issues and those I ask prayers for continually friends or enemies alike I Love You dearly U R special Jewels in Gods Eyes - CCFTLD prayer team Dennis

Received: April 27, 2021

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