Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom at Calvary

Do you find yourself struggling with your finances or living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have a solid financial foundation, but you wonder what might be next? Have you been blessed greatly and want to bless others as well? If so, keep reading below because we have many resources available for you, no matter where you find yourself in your finances.

At Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, we’re passionate about making disciples who embrace whole-life generosity, living in the overflow that comes from having Jesus at the center of all they are and do. Jesus taught us that this ideal is a matter of the heart and that our heart always follows our treasure pathway. With this, the journey of whole-life generosity begins with our finances.

That’s why we’ve made financial discipleship an essential part of what we do! We recognize that Calvary Chapel families across our regional campuses find themselves in various seasons of financial freedom, likely asking themselves a critical question directly related to their current financial situation:

No matter what season you’re in, we want to help you answer these questions by equipping you with sound financial principles and strategies based in the Word of God.  We know that financial freedom unleashes generosity and that whole-life generosity brings real contentment, fulfillment, and joy!

STRUGGLING: How do I survive?

Faith & Finances

This eight-week course explores an essential question about money: What does it mean to seek first God’s kingdom and trust that He adds everything else to us? Attendees will discover: 

  1. Knowledge and skills in basic financial management
  2. An awareness of successful financial practices and systems
  3. Wisdom to overcome real world pitfalls on the path to financial health
  4. Encouragement from a learning community


Budget Coaching

Navigating a tight budget can be difficult, but it’s good to know that others have been there and can help along the way. Sit down with someone who will pray with you, share biblical insight, and guide you through financial turbulence into a season of stability.


STABLE: How can I thrive?

Financial Peace University

Can a ten week class change your life? Yes! Financial Peace University has helped millions of people build financial health and unleash wealth through outrageous generosity.  In this course, you will discover: 

  1. Detailed budgeting
  2. Avoiding and overcoming debt
  3. Planning for emergencies
  4. Negotiating purchases and understanding insurance 
  5. Mortgage and real estate strategies
  6. Building wealth so you can be a blessing to others


Wills And Trusts Seminar


Preparing for and making your end-of-life financial and property decisions can be challenging and a bit uncomfortable—that’s why we’ve made it easy. In partnership with the Financial Planning Ministry, this webinar guides you through issues related to Probate (the legal process your assets must go through if not properly directed), and a complimentary follow-up appointment can be scheduled to help you complete your Will and Trust to minimize taxes and maximize charitable giving.


STRONG: How much is enough?

Generosity Toolbox

You’ve put your kids through college, paid off your house, and your retirement nest egg is on track to achieve the level you’ve planned. Or, maybe you’ve built a successful business or have attained financial security through an inheritance, investments, or by some other means. Now is a great time to pray and process how the Lord might allow you to leverage the resources He entrusted to you through creative and radical giving. 

Our toolbox provides . . .

  1. A suggested reading/viewing library to guide your growth 
  2. Information about strategic giving funds, non-cash giving (stocks, real estate, etc.)
  3. Direct connection to our partners at the National Christian Foundation of South Florida


Generosity Toolbox


Generosity Collectives

Scripture teaches that we can inspire or “sharpen” one another as we share and discuss faith and practice matters.  Our thinking and effectiveness can be stretched and enhanced simply by the learning that comes through intentional conversation.  With that in mind, a few times each year, we gather in small groups to discuss topics like . . .

  1. Whole-life generosity and living in “overflow” 
  2. Giving best-practices that multiply your gifts
  3. Estate designs that will leave a legacy


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SECURE: How will my passion endure?

Strategic Generosity

We want to help you gain a deeper understanding of the biblical principles that emerge from a focused discipleship journey on giving. Like any spiritual practice, your giving can help you thrive in the life that God intends for you! This unique experience will take you step-by-step through a variety of issues and influences related to your legacy, family, passions, and resources. What do you truly value? Which convictions are closest to your heart? What dream is stirring inside you as you consider the future? Getting strategic will help you to pursue God’s story for your generosity boldly.


Director of Engagement and Generosity

John Jones

Engagement Coordinator

Regan Hershey