Calvary Women

Calvary Women is a space for you to create meaningful relationships across multiple generations while engaging in community, discipleship, and outreach. You’re a world-changing woman, and this community provides a place for you to learn about your unique gifts and find support as you become the woman God created you to be. 

The Gathering

The Gathering is a place for girls of all generations to gather together to grow and go! Twice a year, women across South Florida come together to connect with God, find community with other women, and feel empowered and equipped to serve others.


Get In A Group

Circle Up! We are so much better together. Groups is a smaller circle of women who come together to share life and study the Bible with one another. We have circle groups starting up all year long in 6-week seasons both on-site at church and off-site in homes, coffee shops and businesses. Start your own circle or check out the website to see what is happening in your neighborhood.


Classes for Women

Classes are designed to help you learn more about Scripture, grow as a leader, and find community in a small group context on campus. You’re invited to join us! Check out information on what’s happening next semester below.


Outreach App

Changing the world starts with changing your world! The Calvary Women Outreach App is a curated resource for you to find ways to reach your community and change your world. Save the link to stay updated on ways you can get involved!


  • Annie Harley

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