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To Propel the Mission to Make Disciples

Calvary is more than just a place you visit on the weekends. It’s more than a building, more than the seat you sit in—it’s a place full of stories–stories about how a relationship with Jesus can change everything. 

Through Kingdom Builders, you are invited to invest in the story at Calvary-and the future of God’s house and His people! Your giving means that people can discover a relationship with God and be discipled. This offering fuels the vision of your church, and helps the kingdom of God take new ground—allowing every environment to reflect the creativity and majesty of Him, providing spaces for the next generation to grow and flourish in their faith, and creating opportunities for the gospel to continue to go out of this house and offer hope and healing to people who are far from God. 


Your gift will create a space or place for someone to find Jesus and be discipled!

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Vision for 2022-2023


Because of your Kingdom Builders offering, each ministry space is intentionally designed to offer hospitality, care for people, build community, and share the gospel.


Your Kingdom Builders offering will help Calvary to expand its innovative digital reach by engaging people through relevant content, online community, creative digital events and virtual reality.


Your Kingdom Builders offering will propel growth in key initiatives like ministry development, internships, and leadership training.

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Are you skilled in a trade or blessed to own or operate a business that is construction-related?

Talk to someone on our team or go on a tour of the newest ministry spaces.

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