Let's Pray Together for Our Kids!

Calvary Kids Parents, you’re invited to spend the next 21 days praying over your children. Together, let’s commit to speaking life over our our kids, one prayer a day! Sign up to receive a day-by-day prayer guide texted right to your phone.

Day 1

Lord, please give my children an overwhelming sense of security and a confidence to know who they are in Christ.

Day 2

God, I pray my children will hunger and thirst after righteousness and that their relationship with You will be authentic, real, and personal.

Day 3

Father, help my kids to seek out friends who will be loyal, bring encouragement, and who will spur them on to excellence and godliness.

Day 4

God, please surround my children with godly friends and protect them from exposure to harmful things on the internet.

Day 5

God, help my children to memorize Your Word, to hide it in their hearts so they can dwell on and ponder the things of You.

Day 6

Lord, give my children discipline above their years to silence the noise and develop a love and discipline for a time of daily quietness.

Day 7

God, give my children mental health and deliver them from all anxiety. Fill them with Your peace and guard their hearts and minds.

Day 8

Father God, renew a respect for authority in my children’s hearts—a respect for teachers, coaches, parents, and siblings.

Day 9

God, please give my children a desire to live a life of integrity.

Day 10

God, create a clean heart in my children and fill them with Your Holy Spirit. Keep them pure all the days of their lives.

Day 11

Father, help my children to love You with all of their hearts, bodies, minds, soul, and spirit.

Day 12

Lord, please help my children to manage their time well and to be good stewards of all that You have given them.

Day 13

God, give my children wisdom that comes from above to make good decisions and have a heart of discernment.

Day 14

God, please help my children grow in wisdom and stature, and guard their hearts and minds as they grow in their walk with You.

Day 15

Lord, please help my children to be leaders who love others well while staying true to their own convictions and beliefs.

Day 16

God, please help my children to have favor with their peers, friends, teachers, and leaders. Bring godly mentors into their lives.

Day 17

Lord, please help my children to put their complete trust in You and never look to people, resources, or media before You.

Day 18

God help my children to be peacemakers in the home with their siblings and peers.

Day 19

Lord, show my children the gifts and talents You’ve given them. Help them to discover their purpose at any early age.

Day 20

God, remove all fear from my children. Give them courage and boldness. Replace fear and fear of man with the fear of the Lord.

Day 21

God, I pray You will give my children discernment to know the truth. Give them divine revelation and insights.