21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Calvary Kids Parents, we’re going to be spending the next 21 Days praying over your children. Join us so you can speak life over your children, one prayer a day! Let’s do this! Here is our day-by-day guide you can follow along with!

Day 1

Today we pray for PROTECTION over our kids! Lord, you are our protector! Protect my child and keep them safe physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Day 2

Father, fill my children with PEACE. You are the one who gives peace that surpasses our understanding. Give my child peace that overcomes all anxiety or fear.

Day 3

Father, help my child to put their TRUST in You and You alone. Help them to trust you as their ALL – and not put their trust in the foolish things of this world.

Day 4

Lord, fill my child with JOY. Give them a contagious joyful heart, so they are a light and a blessing to others. Thank you that the joy of the Lord is our strength!

Day 5

Father, I ask you to give my children FAITH that can move mountains! Increase their FAITH as they grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Day 6

God, you are LOVE! Fill my child with a heart that LOVES you first and foremost and a heart that loves people. Give them an extravagant love for you and others.

Day 7

Lord, may my child fall in love with Your WORD and hide God’s Word in their heart. Open their hearts and minds to your Word with understanding and insight. 

Day 8

Lord, I ask you to help my child to be BOLD and courageous in an ever-changing world. Give them a boldness to share the gospel and to be who you created them to be.

Day 9

God, I lift up my family to you. I ask you to fill my kids with SELF CONTROL. Help them to exercise self-control and discipline over their thoughts, words, and actions.

Day 10

Lord, go before my kids and give them FAVOR: at school, with teachers, coaches, friends, and peers. It is you, Lord, who covers us with favor as with a shield. (Psalm 5:12 Ps 90:17)

Day 11

God, give my child a GENEROUS heart. Help them be good stewards of all that You have given them. Let them be cheerful givers willing to share with others and bless those in need.

Day 12

Lord, please give my child a THANKFUL and  HUMBLE heart. Fill them with gratitude and help them to realize that all good things come from you – for you are good.

Day 13

Father, help my child grow in INTEGRITY. Give them a love for honesty and a desire to walk in integrity. Strengthen them to walk in Godly character, fully devoted to you.

Day 14

Lord, keep my children PURE all the days of their lives. I pray that they will live a life of purity and will bring that gift to their future spouse and marriage.  

Day 15

Dear Jesus, today I ask you for HOPE. Please help my child to put their HOPE in you and trust that you can do more than they could ever imagine!

Day 16

Lord, fulfill the plans that you have for my children. Help them be who You created them to be.  Give them an undivided heart to be the World Changers they were born to be! 

Day 17

Father, I ask that my children will be full of the fear of God, that they will have a hatred for evil and live in reverence for you and in awe of who you are.

Day 18

Lord, may my child have WISDOM. Give them wisdom above their years. Fill them with wisdom from above that is first pure, then peaceable.

Day 19

Lord, I ask today that you will give my child a heart full of empathy. Give them eyes to see those hurting around them and EMPATHY to do something about it.

Day 20

Lord, may my child come to know You as their personal Savior. Give them an understanding of the gospel, of what you did for them, and a belief in the power of the cross.

Day 21

Jesus is Alive! Father, fill my kids with passion! Remove any apathy and help them be PASSIONATE about the power of the RESURRECTION, to live life more abundantly because of You!