Get to Know Calvary Chapel!

Stop By Our Connection Point

It’s the place to go on all of our campuses  for information and inspiration!

  • If you have questions, our awesome volunteers at Connection Point are here to provide information and help you discover your next step.
  • Looking to sign up for an upcoming event, outreach, or group? We’ve got you covered! We’re here to answer any question you have.
  • Need prayer? We’re always ready to hear your story and pray with you.
  • Lost something? Connection Point is usually the best place to find it.

Who knows what conversations you’ll have!

Take the Connect Experience

Have you ever wanted to get connected at Calvary, but weren’t sure where to start?

Whether you’re brand new or have been attending the church for years, The Connect Experience is the perfect place to begin. It’s a plan to help you meet some new friends, find your purpose and join the Calvary family.

We can’t wait to help you take your next best step!ng? Connection Point is usually the best place to find it.

Join a Group!

Being part of a group is one of the most life-giving experiences you can add to your weekly rhythm. God never intended for us to do life alone. Groups are a place that we can find belonging, build friendships, and learn and grow together.

Getting started is simple! Select your campus from the menu below and find your community.

Volunteer for an Outreach

Do you want to impact lives and make a difference right where you live? By taking part in local outreach, you have the opportunity to show the love of Jesus and meet the needs of the people in our community. If you’re looking to take the next step and be part of a local outreach you’re passionate about, check out your options below.

Find a Ministry

Ministries are filled with people just like you; they are like a home away from home. We grow together, support each other, and do life together.