Whole Life Generosity

Sunday, February 16 | 11:30am - 1:00pm | Boynton Beach
Childcare Available

What if you could enter each day of the week excited by life’s adventures, invigorated by what God has in store, and free from the ever-present financial burden? What if you could be freed up to use your talents and live out the dreams God has put on your heart. God gives us the secret to energy, strength, and joy. It’s life to the fullest, receiving the blessings and gifts of God, and pouring them into others. It’s overflow—a life refreshed by generosity. But how can we experience this kind of joy and freedom when debt and financial pressure fills our days with worry?

Discover how being a generous person is the key to a life of true joy and fulfillment in this six-week experience. Be inspired and challenged as you gain practical tools to implement the principles of generosity to every area of your life.