Parenting Talk: Foundations of a Godly Home

Saturday, February 22 | 8:30am - 12:30pm | Church-wide

Every home needs to be built upon a foundation. Is your family's foundation built on the solid ground of Jesus Christ? 

In this brand-new parenting seminar, pastor and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp will help moms and dads (and grandparents, too!) implement the beliefs, values, words, and actions that are necessary for a godly home that can last for generations. 

***Please Note*** Plantation is no longer an available location for streaming this event. 

In this VIDEO STREAMED parenting seminar taking place at the Fort Lauderdale and Boca campuses, Dr. Tripp will teach parents these four foundational principles for building a godly home: 

Foundation 1: Mercy 

If you allow yourself to forget the daily mercies you desperately need and generously receive from your Father’s hands, it will become easier for you not to parent your children with mercy. 

Foundation 2: Lost

You’re not just dealing with your child’s wrong behaviors but their condition. If you don’t understand that deeper thing, you will settle for surface victories and surface solutions that don’t lead to lasting change. 

Foundation 3: Foolishness 

All of your child’s foolishness comes from their heart, so every moment of discipline and correction must be accompanied with heart-focused instruction. 

Foundation 4: Process 

You must be committed to the long-term goal of parenting, because change is a process not an event. The world’s best teacher—Jesus Christ—had a process mentality.

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