Essentials of the Christian Faith

Essentials of the Christian Faith
(Nine-Part Course)

This non-sequential nine-session course for new believers, life-long Christians, and everyone in between, explores the essentials of Christianity through interactive teaching and discussion. Dive into the core beliefs of Christianity, gain a deeper understanding of Jesus is and what He has for us, and discover how we can practically walk in the purposes and plans He has for us. Topics include the Bible, the nature and character of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; end times, how to share your faith, and much more. You can jump in at any time and make your way through the nine sessions.


Note: Completion of all nine classes is required for leadership positions within our church.


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Course Topics

The Bible

In this session, we’ll dive into the Bible.

  • What is the Bible?
  • How do we know it’s reliable?
  • How do we engage with it?
  • How do we read it, study it, and share it?

In this session, we’ll discover who God is and who He isn’t, we’ll explore the nature and character of God, and learn about the Trinity as well as the role of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit

In this session, we’ll explore the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity. Discover the nature and work of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and how we can walk in the Spirit.

Salvation and the Gospel

In this session, we’ll really break down what the gospel, the good news of Jesus, is. We’ll explain what sin is, why we need salvation, we’ll delve into heaven and hell, and the life-long process of sanctification, becoming more like Jesus.

The Church

In this session, we’ll explore what the Church is and what the mission and role of both the local church and the corporate, worldwide Church is in the world.

Eschatology and Prophecy

In this session, we’ll discuss the end times. What does the Bible say about the end of the world? Learn about the prophecies about the last days and God’s plan for us.

Christian Conduct, Part One

In this session, we’ll seek to understand the life God has called us to. What does the Bible say about drugs, alcohol, and addiction? What about deception, theft, profanity, discrimination and harassment?

Christian Conduct, Part Two

In this session, we’ll continue our discussion of the life God has called us to. Discover issues of the heart and our attitude. From gossip, slander, and conduct on social platforms to integrity, modesty, to issues of stewardship and civil disobedience, learn how to honor the Lord with your life.

Marriage, Family, and Sexual Purity

In this session, we’ll discuss marriage, family, and sexual purity. Explore the biblical definition of marriage, redemption and restoration after divorce, what does the Bible say about gender, what sexual purity is and why God has this for us.