You can make a difference in the lives of students, and educators at their schools.

We’re passionate about schools because we’re passionate about the next generation.

In order to make a change in our schools, we need to meet our students and educators where they are – at school almost 40 hours a week! We are partnering with administrators, teachers, and students alike to see schools in our community flourish.

There are easy ways for you to get involved with Calvary’s vision for Education. Most times it looks like supporting a school and their programs, adopting an educator, or becoming a mentor. Learn more below about how you can make a difference for a student, educator and in turn a school!

Opportunities For Educators

Are you an educator? We want to partner with you! Your school deserves to thrive. What you do and the dreams you have for your school matter—and we want to help make it a reality for you. If you’re an educator or school representative, we have a gift for you! Our goal is to serve you, your school, and the kids you’re raising up! It’s an important job, and we want to support you in any way we can—big or small.

To get connected with Calvary about how we can partner with your school, click below.


Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re a parent or someone passionate about working with the next generation, the best way to make a difference is to be involved in these kid’s education! One of the easiest ways to do so is to adopt an educator or student to pray for and support where they need. This can be as small as incorporating them into your daily prayer routine or providing them with needs like school supplies or an extra set of hands when necessary.

To learn more about opportunities to volunteer, click below.


Students Leading Students

Are you a student who wants to see change on your campus and make a difference in your school? You are one of the most influential people amongst your peers and have the power to impact your friend’s lives. This can look like leading a group
with Alpha or First Priority or getting involved in a peer-to-peer mentorship program at your school!

So make a change in your school today by clicking below to learn more!


Back to School Devo Plan Image


In this five-day devotional written by students for students, we’ll explore everything from our identity to friendships, priorities, and sharing the message of Jesus with our friends. Learn how to stay connected to God and grow in your faith during the school year, and how to live out your faith in a way that honors God and brings joy.