Celebrating Celebration of Peace

The Highlights

We loved being able to provide a safe, family-friendly Christmas Lights show this year! Enjoy this recap video about the whole event, a special VR experience that can let you relive the drive-thru (or experience it for the first time), and photos from the event!

Celebration of Peace Photo Album

If a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at the stories these tell – and maybe even see yourself in some of them!

Behind the Scenes Photo Album

This event would not be a success if it wasn’t for the hundreds of volunteers and the countless hours they put in! Thank you for all your effort!

Celebration of Peace Virtual Reality Experience

To view the 360 effect of the VR video, simply move the phone around you – left and right, above or below – and it will give you the perspective that you are actually driving through the experience! You can also pinch the video screen to zoom in and out.

On your computer, use the mouse to click and hold on the screen and look around. You can also use scrolling to zoom in and out.

Additionally, anyone with a VR headset would go onto YouTube, then search for the ‘Calvary VR’ channel, then click the link.