December 8-11, 2022 | 6-9pm

What Is Celebration of Peace?

Celebration of Peace is a FREE interactive holiday experience for all ages. Enjoy strolling through this walk-through event featuring various beautiful Christmas lights displays of Times Square and Central Park, a live nativity, a big concert with all your favorite holiday hits, and two brand new shows for all ages!

Volunteer at Celebration of Peace

Celebration of Peace is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! And here’s the best part: This year, you can be part of the Celebration of Peace team! There are a ton of great opportunities for you to use your gifts and passion to make this the most memorable Christmas ever for our community.

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This year at Celebration of Peace, you can expect a self-guided, walk-thru experience with a live nativity, light displays, musical performances, and food trucks. This event is perfect for all ages and full of fun activities for everyone.

To fully enjoy the entire experience, you can plan on staying for a total of 90 minutes.

Yes, registration is required in order to accommodate parking for those who come each night. In order to attend a specific night, you’ll need to reserve your free tickets for your party ahead of time.

There needs to be at least one ticket per vehicle in order for all guests attending to be accommodated. You DO NOT need to register each person individually unless you’re driving separately.

For the safety and comfort of all guests, pets are not permitted at Celebration of Peace.

Yes! This is a free gift to our community—we hope you come and make amazing memories!

Food and drink items will be available for purchase. There will be a variety of great food trucks to choose from!

Yes, this event is wheelchair and stroller accessible! Guests will need to bring their own wheelchairs, scooters, or strollers, which will enable them to freely navigate the entirety of the experience.

For the safety and comfort of all our guests, we ask that you refrain from bringing backpacks or drawstring bags. Only diaper bags (accompanied by parent/guardian with a child) and individual, personal handbags are permitted.

Our event security will be helping to enforce this safety measure in the parking lots and entrances.

There is a possibility that multiple lights displays will feature strobe lights and other bright lights. Therefore, we recommend you take the necessary precautions as needed and seek medical advice for your individual needs.

Our parking attendants will be happy to help you park your vehicle as you arrive on property.

This is a hybrid event featuring both outdoor and indoor attractions.

Yes! If you register for the wrong night or time, don’t worry because canceling or updating your registration is simple through our reservation system.

This exciting event will be held at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. The address is 2401 West Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

Yes, bathrooms will be available.

For questions, call Romina Chevren at 954-556-4215 or send an e-mail to


"It was a wonderful experience. It was beyond my expectation, especially the replica of Bethlehem. Looking forward to it next year again!!!"
"I have to admit, the experience last year was by far the best experience of lights and show that my family and I have every seen. So coming in this year, my expectations were so high. The show this year had love written all over it. I liked the lights, the separate little functions, and the main attraction. Everything looked beautiful."
"I am catholic and was happy surprised with all of the members of your church very friendly & very family type I enjoyed so much this presentation and your church."
"I invited my younger sister and her two grandchildren, they are all non-church attending individuals. The kids are 5 & 8, they can read & they read the questions on the big red signs. They asked for the answer regarding “Why is Jesus referred to or known as the Messiah”? I loved this moment! It peaked their curiosity! I’m hopeful they will visit church some more in the days, weeks & months to come."
"Well done Calvary. We had 4 generations there and each of us enjoyed this production on our own levels. Thank you for always striving to be excellent for Jesus!"
"The kids lives the "snow". The atmosphere was so positively charged with all of the great greeters who made us feel welcome the entire night and all of the beautiful Christmas trees that set the mood. I hope to make this a tradition to attend each year. Thank you"
"Liked the way you included Santa with Jesus for Christmas. The decorations were beautiful. You did a great job."
"I am always so proud of my church family and the extra mile they go to make sure the gospel is spread in a fun and engaging way!"
"I would like to thank Calvary chapel for all of their efforts on making this such a wonderful experience for the entire community. you were helping to spread love and cheer and it takes a lot of human capital to pull it all together and your efforts are to be highly commended."
"Absolutely beautiful! The entire event was thought out and executed flawlessly. It was spectacular and magical. The message in the sanctuary and The Nativity was exactly what we all need...the true meaning of Christmas. My daughter and friends enjoyed it so much. Thank you for putting something so beautiful together and making it available to all."
"I attend Calvary regularly and I think these productions are beautiful and heart warming!"
"So many happy children were there enjoying the experience. And so many adults! Everyone was smiling. Superbly done as always. Spectacular lighting. Live animals in the Bethlehem experience. Authentic costumes. Helpful and enthusiastic staff. Talented performers in the sanctuary production. Delicious and varied food trucks. Superb music. And of course, Santa! Calvary Chapel… you always go the extra mile and it is appreciated. Thank you!!!"
"My heart was filled with such joy and hope and love. Just being reminded of what Jesus did for us and what is the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you and God bless you all."
"I’m so glad we went. I have a teenager that doesn’t want to go anywhere but we told him that we were doing this as a family. He enjoyed every single moment, even clapping in the main event. He’s exited and intrigued and wants to go to a service with us. It showed the real meaning of Christmas, the one that’s never mentioned, the birth of Jesus and the kids learned that is not only Santa Claus, there’s so much more. Thank you for the experience!!!"