Calvary Virtual Reality

Watch VR Service On YouTube

Service Times:

Saturday: 6pm (EST) in AltspaceVR
Sunday: 9am, 11am (EST) in Bigscreen and YouTube VR

Alpha Course
Sunday: 1:30pm (EST) in Bigscreen

The Chosen Series
Thursday: 2pm (EST) in Bigscreen


Coordinator: Marcos Robert Duran

Occulus: Guidance777
Discord: Guidance777#8426
Steam: Guidance777

Virtual Reality

Virtual attendees represent real people who ordinarily might not attend church. Through the use of non-traditional methods, our goal is to bring the light of the gospel through this new medium in order to see lives changed, while also providing a next level online experience for those unable to attend our church geographically.

We invite you into virtual reality to experience church in this innovative and immersive way.

Bigscreen VR

Bigscreen VR is an application available on all popular VR headsets. With its ever-growing user base, it’s an excellent location from which to host many of Calvary Chapel VR events and services.

To find CCVR, simply search Bigscreen’s public rooms during any of our service times, or contact us and one of our volunteers would be more than happy to help guide you in.

BigscreenVR—in combination with AltspaceVR, Youtube VR and Oculus TV—make up the current outreach branches of this campus.

Calvary VR Hosts

Marcos Robert Duran is the coordinator of this online initiative. He and his wife Heather met online over a decade ago and are called to present the hope of the gospel to this community. With over 35+ years of combined metaverse experience, together with Calvary’s team of development experts, they’re using virtual reality to help achieve this mission.

Calvary Chapel VR is reaching the lost with the gospel in this new frontier of Virtual Reality.

Got a VR Headset? Stop by Calvary Chapel VR!