What is Birthday Gift for Jesus?

While this giving opportunity is only available in the month of December, we have other outreach initiatives that receive giving year-round:

Global Outreach: Invest in the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our communities in need.

Kingdom Builders: These gifts go towards the future of God’s House and His people.

Relief & Restoration: Help support local outreach programs and disaster relief assistance.

2020: Educator Encouragement & Lebanon Crisis Care

We’re so excited to reveal 2020’s Birthday Gift for Jesus local and global projects! We know they will provide unique opportunities to share the gospel and the hope that can be found in Jesus. Thank you for your generosity and for being a part of this incredible initiative.

Encouragement for Educators
This year we get to bless our local public schools who serve kids from hard places. We’ll be partnering with these schools to help encourage educators who have worked so hard serving our next generation during this pandemic. Together we will renovate some key spaces in their facilities and provide some awesome surprises for the educators who serve the children there. We are excited to have the opportunity to give back to those who have poured so much more time into our children than anyone expected at the start of 2020.

Mobile Crisis Care for Lebanon
When Lebanon was struck with an unforeseen tragedy this year, many were left experiencing significant trauma and financial hardships. With the funds from Birthday Gift for Jesus, we plan to provide trauma care and counseling through a mobile crisis unit for women and children who physically survived the blast in Lebanon, but are in great need of support for emotional, spiritual and financial needs.


2019: Bahamas Relief

2019 was a year of incredible generosity for our church, and we were so grateful to see firsthand the fruit of it. Through your Birthday Gift for Jesus donations, we gave over $200,000 to bless various ministries, such as providing care and sharing the gospel with refugees through the Made Clean Project. This initiative allowed us to minister to over 65 refugee camps and provide portable laundry stations, giving them access to clean clothes, clean water, and a tangible act of God’s love for them. 

With your giving, we were also able to purchase a van for Emmanual Baptist Church, which provided transportation for families affected by Hurricane Dorian. These funds also provided opportunities for our church to help rebuild the Emmanual Baptist Church facilities destroyed in the hurricane.



2018: Andean Region Project Partnership with IJM

In 2018, Calvary Chapel embraced God’s heart for justice and decided to focus the Birthday Gift for Jesus donations on helping those exploited globally and locally. In Peru, through your generosity, we were able to create a hub and safe haven for those who fell victim to human trafficking, domestic violence, and other injustices. Not only did this hub help arrest the perpetrators, but it also provided care and support to their victims. 

We were also able to invest in a local home through 4Kids of South Florida for young girls to find hope, healing, and protection from human trafficking, which has an 86% correlation rate with children in foster care.



2017: Made Clean Project

In 2017, we had our very first Birthday Gift for Jesus offering, in which we were able to show love to many displaced people across the world by providing portable laundry locations through the Made Clean Project. This project provided an opportunity for those refugee families to be able to wash their clothes and have access to clean water. Through these donations, we were able to share the love of Jesus and provide for over 10,000 people in need.