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Want to dive deeper into the Bible?

Looking for some great daily encouragement? Check out some of our plans on YouVersion! We have a variety of great plans for different stages of life and topics.

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Study With Friends!

Kick off a group Bible study by inviting a friend or two—or 20—to start a plan with you. As you complete each day on a shared schedule and add comments sharing your thoughts and what God is showing you, you’ll likely see things in that you’ve never noticed before, learning from one another’s perspectives in a group-text style of conversation.

Doing a plan with friends is easy!

1. Click “Start” on any Plan.
2. Select “With Friends.”
3. Choose a start date.
4. Invite your friends!

Phone and Desktop Backgrounds

Looking for some encouragement each time you open your phone or computer? Want some great verse images to share with friends and family? Download one (or all!) of these inspiring verse images today!

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