BCWI 2021 Is Here!

Dear Calvary Family,

In February 2020, we participated in our most recent Employee Engagement Survey from Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) with a 99% participation rate and a healthy score of 4.19! For the past six years, you’ve shared valuable feedback through this survey, leading to several significant organizational changes. We’re thankful for your participation and look forward, as we emerge from this challenging year and a half, to considering all the Lord has done. 

With that being said, we’re excited to take this year’s survey from August 4-11 and encourage your feedback once again.   

One specific area leadership focused on this past year was keeping our staff family healthy through the pandemic as we still continued to work together to care for our community and share the love of Christ. Despite this challenging season, , we celebrated the amazing work God did through His church as many of you stepped into new roles and discovered creative ways to continue to propel the gospel to reach many.  

Part of the transformation we experienced was learning to care for our staff and others through new safety measures and protocols, including COVID tracing. We experienced staff care through increased investments into our benefits, creating PTO staff emergency bank and other resources to help those affected most by the pandemic. Other fresh opportunities that arose this year  include:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and newly created online service productions
  • Summer book groups
  • Summer Nights & Celebration of Peace

A great way that our staff family came together (not only for our staff family but for the community) is how we came together to love each other through visits, giving meals, etc. We also saw our teams come together to improve communications, whether it was through Zoom or Google Hangouts. We “went together” and built team bonds that will not be easily broken. Many of us learned new skills, meeting etiquette, and how to virtually stay connected when we physically could not. We worked creatively to care for our community together as we faced challenges we’d never experienced before. We shared in prayer calls to our body, everyday early morning worship, and providing meals to our first responders, and essentials to our community.  We’ve been through a lot since we last took the survey, and yet, God is faithful!

Your input matters! The BCWI survey is a great way to share your feedback and your own staff engagement experience. Our goal is to use this information to improve and strengthen our culture. We want to be a workplace that pursues excellence and honors the Lord. Please take advantage of this opportunity to help us grow into a flourishing workplace!  

To take the survey, read the instructions below, click the link, and then enter the access code given. 

To complete your 20–30-minute online survey, please:

1. Click here to access the survey.
2. Enter the access code, including the hyphen: 13792-1379
3. Answer all questions thoughtfully and honestly.
4. Do not mark “Neutral” if you think a question is not applicable. Instead, please leave it blank.
5. Complete and submit the survey before the close of August 11, 2021.
6. Save/download the date/time information presented to you on the FINAL page received after you submit the survey. If you do not see this page that means your survey was not received. If that happens, please e-mail Klopus@BCWInstitute.org

This survey is entirely anonymous, so please be honest. Although you will be asked for some demographic information, it will not be presented in the reporting from BCWI in a manner that would enable us to identify any one individual response. All open-ended responses are sorted alphabetically by the first word and presented in a manner that does not identify a responder.

Thank you for your feedback and your participation!

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