BCWI 2023 Is Here!

Dear Calvary Family,

We’re excited to launch our next Engagement survey! As you know, we were certified as a Flourishing Workplace by the Best Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI) because of our last survey taken in August 2021 where we scored a 4.26! This survey has been a great tool in helping us to assess and learn how to better engage in healthy behaviors and how to pursue and maintain a flourishing culture! Based on our survey results throughout the years, we’ve experienced significant organizational changes which have helped us to achieve a flourishing work environment. We’re thankful for your participation, and we look forward to your honest input in this next survey!  

Our flourishing scores from 2021 reflected a supportive and collaborative community cultivated by our leadership and a shared purpose. We saw supervisors grow more in engaging in communication around progress and assisting with problem solving with their staff. We also experienced more effective teamwork within our teams. For the past 18 months, we’ve deliberately worked to celebrate and maintain these strengths while also changing our focus to increase engagement in new areas that needed some extra attention. 

We’ve seen great progress in areas of accountability, our benefit plans, and better campus alignment. We’ve seen teams do more with less as we’ve worked smarter and built stronger team relationships both within and across teams, exhibiting authentic love and collaboration.    

One specific area leadership focused on this past year was defining what accountability looks like. Putting words and behaviors into action around honoring people, trusting the process, and talking to the right people helped to facilitate healthier conversations, build better trust, and strengthen relationships. We’ll continue to work towards healthier accountability using these new tools.  

By using our Go365 app, we’ve collectively worked together to obtain a zero percent increase in our medical, dental, and vision rates in our benefit plans, which shows how  effectively we’ve all worked on getting physically and mentally healthier as a staff. Our recent Freedom study focus has also shown great effort in getting us spiritually healthier!  

These investments in our staff have had a significant impact on our culture. We have a lot to be thankful for as we consider all the Lord has done and all He wants to continue to do in, through, and with you! So, please be sure to share your honest feedback and input about your engagement experience. Your input really does matter!  

Our goal is to use this information to continue to improve and strengthen our culture so we can continue to flourish. We want to be a workplace that pursues excellence and honors the Lord. 

To complete your 20 minute online survey, follow these simple instructions:

1. Click here to access the survey.

2. Enter the access code, including the hyphen: 17472-1379

3. Answer all questions thoughtfully and honestly. Do not mark “Neutral” if you think a question is not applicable. Instead, please leave it blank.

4. Submit before the survey close date of February 13, 2023.

5. Save the date/time information presented to you on the FINAL thank you page shown after the survey is submitted. If this page does not appear on your screen, your survey was not received. Please contact AJohnson@workplaces.org

This survey is entirely anonymous, so please be honest. Although you’ll be asked for some demographic information, it will not be presented in the reporting from BCWI in a manner that would enable us to identify any one individual response. All open-ended responses are sorted alphabetically by the first word and presented in a manner that doesn’t identify a responder.

Thank you for your feedback and your participation!


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