The Power of an Invitation

God never intended for us to do life alone. But life can feel lonely sometimes, can’t it? Here’s just one example of how a simple invitation changed someone’s story forever.

Carla shared, “I was sitting at The Gathering alone and thinking to myself, I have to find a smaller church where I feel connected to others. I felt like there was no opportunity for me to jump in anywhere, but thankfully a woman named Janet noticed me sitting alone and invited me to sit with her group.”

After the event, Carla shared she was able to connect with the women more and was invited to join their community group. “After that night . . . the rest is history, really. I began meeting with these women consistently and building relationships with them. This group has given me sisters for life. I wish I had met them 21 years ago!”

We’re better together and your invitation matters! Because Janet stepped out and noticed Carla was alone, she is now deeply connected to and doing life together with others through her group. For every Janet out there, there are probably five Carla’s.

Take a few minutes right now to pray and ask God to show you one person you can extend an invitation to who might be looking for community. You never know how your simple hello could impact someone’s life forever.

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