How to Live Generously

Who do you think of when someone asks you who the most generous person you know is? What about them makes you believe that? Are they the first to donate to a good cause? Does their name pop up on every meal train possible? How specifically do they spread generosity in a way that stands out to you? 

Generosity is more than an action; it’s a posture of the heart. In life, there are rhythms of generosity that go beyond giving funds. You don’t need expendable income to be a generous person. In fact, the most generous people may not even give money at all.

So, how do you live a life rooted in generosity? It takes practice. Take a look at your life now and think of ways you can be more generous. You can still grow in generosity this season regardless of your financial situation. Here are some of the best examples of how to be generous.

Generous with Time

One of the most underrated gifts you can give someone is your time. Few things can make someone feel more special than when you take time out of your day to sit down and invest in someone you care about. You can do this with a small gesture, like taking a friend or family member out to lunch. Or, you can be generous with your time by volunteering at a local event that serves your community, like a local soup kitchen or convalescent home.

Generous with Gifts

This may seem like it’s directly tied to finances, but that’s not entirely true. Being generous with a gift doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive gift. Instead, being generous with a gift can look like a small item, no matter the cost, that shows someone you were thinking about them. Some of the most generous people you may know give you small gifts showing you that you matter to them—that’s what it’s all about! Generosity is about stepping outside of ourselves and giving others a small, meaningful present out of the blue.

Generous with Acts of Service

If you’re familiar with the five love languages, acts of service might not be a new concept to you. However, being generous by serving others is one of the best ways to be generous. This could look like helping a friend move, even if they didn’t ask. Or, it could look like inviting a new family in your community over for dinner and making them a home-cooked meal. No matter how you serve others, it’s an act of generosity—and it’s how God calls us to love one another. 

Generosity can come about in many forms, and the non-financial forms are sometimes more impactful. So, let’s be generous together and pass it on! How will you be generous this week? 

About the Author

Kristen Hollis

Kristen Hollis has served in the Communications Team of Calvary since 2020 as a Senior Copywriter and Editor. She contributes and edits content for Calvary’s digital and promotional initiatives. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Kristen and her husband Zachary enjoy all things musical theatre, vinyl hunting, and having the opportunity to serve Calvary on staff while utilizing their talents.