Esther: Week 2 Discussion Guide

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The Book of Esther is an incredible illustration of God’s providential control over all things. Although He isn’t directly referenced or identified, the Lord’s hidden hand is constantly moving to direct the course of all things. There’s a purposed will behind every detail written down for us, including the fact that Mordecai, Esther’s cousin, was sitting in the area of the king’s gate.

Now, on the surface, all of this seemed quite natural. It’s likely that Mordecai had some sort of official responsibility that isn’t recorded for us, which is why he would be sitting at the king’s gate for this gathering. But if we delve a little deeper, we see that a greater purpose, a supernatural agenda, had Mordecai specifically positioned at this exact place at this exact time.

Because Mordecai was at the king’s gate, he was within earshot of an assassination plot against King Xerxes. Can you see how God’s hidden hand was at work through all of this? It wasn’t a coincidence that Mordecai was in a position to intercept this life-saving bit of intelligence. He was deliberately and divinely placed there. The Lord had His man right where he needed to be, right when he needed to be there—all in order for him to play his part in this earthly drama that was authored in heaven!

God puts His people precisely where they need to be. He has a specific purpose for each life that has surrendered to Him (Ephesians 2:10), and He is more than able to position their lives precisely where they need to be in order to fulfill His plan.

On the surface, His positioning may seem natural and unspectacular. You may be manning a kiosk, a toll booth, or a coffee bar. It might seem like you’re just doing what you do as you serve in sales, customer service, or human resources. But rest assured, if you’ve yielded your life to the Lord and are following Him one footstep of faith at a time, He’s leading you to the place where you’ll fulfill His agenda. It may not always be obvious, but just like Mordecai, it’s certain God has put you where you need to be.

Reflection Questions

  1. What stood out to you in Esther 2?
  2. Esther and Mordecai were exiles living in a foreign land. This would have made it hard to maintain their Jewish identity. The same is true for us as believers! What are some things that seek to influence your sense of identity and how does this match up with God’s definition of who you are?
  3. Three different times in the first 18 verses of chapter 2, we’re told that Esther won the “favor” of different people along her journey to becoming queen. What’s the relationship between the favor of Esther and the purposes and plans God had for her?
  4. How have you seen God’s favor on your life and how might that indicate His plan for you?
  5. What do we learn about God through the account of Mordecai stopping the assassination plot against the king?

This Week

Think about a time when you’ve seen the Lord place you where you needed to be to fulfill His purposes or when you’ve seen Him place others in your life in order to help, save, guide, or grow you. How has that work impacted you or others?

Memory Verse

May he equip you with all you need for doing his will.”—Hebrews 13:21 (NLT)

Prayer Guide

Lord, we thank You for having a purpose for our lives. Open our eyes so we can see where You might be favoring us so we can move forward in the path You’ve prepared for us. Let us also remember that our lives are not just for ourselves, but that You bless us so others can be blessed. Keep us watchful of Your ways and humble in our hearts. Amen.

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