Back to School – Calvary Kids Newsletter

Wow! It’s back-to-school time once again! We hope you had a fun, incredible summer with your kids and made memories with them that will last a lifetime. It’s hard to believe they’re back in school and the new school year has begun! We know there are so many mixed emotions about sending kids off to school. Some find a sense of relief since working and juggling kids is a challenge in the summer. Some may still feel uneasy, or even guilty, and unsure about sending children to a public classroom again. Other parents are sad to see their kids growing up ever so quickly. How could this possibly be their last year in elementary school? On the other hand, some kids are ready and excited, and some parents are even more excited to get back to some normalcy. Whatever your situation is, whether you feel anxious, guilty, stressed, or excited, we got you! Our heart is to partner with you in raising your kids to be disciples and world changers! We are all in this together and want you to know that!

We know it’s tough out there for kids these days, and we’re here for you and your kids! Check out our parenting resources here! 

We believe we’re not called to do life alone! As you set up a routine for this school year, schedule your weekend service and be consistent in getting your kids to church. We have an incredible team of volunteers who love your kids and show up every week to encourage them, pray over them, and speak life over them as they learn about the faithfulness of God at their level. These are the formative years, and our prayer is for each child to grow up having a solid faith in God and a love for Jesus that will sustain them throughout their lives and help equip them to be confident leaders in their schools.

So, whether you’re starting a new homeschool year, sending your baby to daycare for the first time, or sending your elementary-aged child to begin 5th grade, we know it can be challenging. God’s love for you and your kids knows no end! I encourage you to implement a new tradition in your family this school year. Start and end each school day (or better yet, every day) with prayer. Don’t let this overwhelm you! These prayers don’t have to be formal or lengthy. We believe in the power of and importance of prayer. And, I think we can all agree we need to cover our children and their schools with prayers!

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, to get started, here are 21 prayers you can pray over your children as they start back to school this year.

Each night, take a few minutes to tuck your precious little ones in bed, kiss them, sing a song, (even if it’s just “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” . . . each and every night . . . over and over again), read a short book, and say a goodnight prayer. These memories and traditions give your children the security they need to sleep well and grow up confident, secure, and ready to face another school day—and ultimately to change the world! 

So, in a nutshell, pray for your kids and speak those prayers of blessing over them. Pray with your children, during breakfast or in the car on the way to school, and pray for them each night before they go to sleep to squelch any fear in their hearts as they lay down to go to sleep at night, letting them know that Jesus loves them and that He is their friend and protector! Look your children directly in their eyes every day and tell them how much you LOVE them. This will build the confidence and security your child needs and longs for.

Remember, the days are long, but the years are short! Let’s go! Happy school year!