Day 11: Lighting Up the King: The Birth Announcement


“Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night.”—Luke 2:8 (NKJV)

Can you think of a famous person? Who are you thinking of?

Imagine if the most famous and important person in the world decided to come visit your school. The news stations would probably interview the teachers, students, parents, and everyone they could think of. And they’d probably ask the principal, teachers, and top students to stand outside in front of the school to welcome this famous person. All the teachers would probably wear their nicest outfits and get haircuts to look as nice as possible. The principal would probably make sure the school gets cleaned and painted so it could look its best. They may even get balloons and have a huge mural of the famous person painted on the outside of the building. Everyone would roll out a red carpet and do everything they could to honor this super-famous person. What else do you think they might do to get ready for the famous person’s arrival?

Now, what if you found out that this famous person was not just famous, but the most important and powerful person ever? What if it was actually Jesus that was coming to your school? People from everywhere would come to try and see Him, meet Him, and to just be around Him. Rich people would probably offer a lot of money just so they could come and be there when Jesus arrives. The President of the United States would probably get permission from the principal to be there, too.

What other things do you think might happen if Jesus was going to come to your school? Everything we just talked about are things people would do for someone who is famous or important, but they’d probably want to do much, much more for the king of everything, right? At least that’s what I imagine. But that’s not at all what happened when Jesus, the King of kings, was born.

You can read part of the story in Luke 2.

Jesus wasn’t born in a hospital, at home, or even in a nice hotel room. In fact, His parents didn’t have a car nor a tent to stay in. The only place His parents could find was a barn where they kept the animals.

Do you think being born in a barn was nice? Can you imagine having to lie down on hay next to a soft little sheep, a smelly cow, a dirty donkey, or chickens with feathers all around? Sure, it might be fun to pet all those animals, but it sure wouldn’t be nice to have to sleep next to them. But that’s what happened to Jesus when He was born.

Do you think that was the right way for the King of kings to be born into the world? It’s like nobody even knew someone special was being born. But some people did know because God sent a special message to let them know the greatest person of all time was about to be born. You might think God told the king of that land or the really important government officials. Or maybe He told the important leaders of the church. But that’s not who found out first.

In fact, God chose to tell some very unimportant people—people who were never the first to hear any news. Gold told some shepherds who were far out in the fields taking care of their flocks at night. And do you know how they heard the news about the King who would save the world would be born? It was from a whole army of angels who filled the sky. They were praising God and singing, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” These angels made the most important announcement to the least important people, and they were the only ones to see this army of angels.

Why do you think God sent the angels to make this announcement to unimportant people like shepherds? Why not tell all the important people first? Because God wanted the shepherds, and all the people who think they’re not important, to know they are super important to Him—and so are we! God loves everyone no matter how unimportant they may feel. So, He sent Jesus to be born in an unimportant barn and told the unimportant shepherds about it because He wants all people to know Jesus, not just the famous or important ones.

Who else do you think God wants us to tell about Jesus? Who might feel like they’re not important?


Can you make them a card and tell them that Jesus loves them? Read Luke chapter 2 from verse 1 to verse 20 with your family.