A Praying Mom Study Guide

This weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day as Pastor Chris Baselice and Pastor Reuben Ramsaran shared an inspiring message about the impact moms, grandmothers, spiritual moms, and mother figures have on our lives.

In this week’s group study, Calvary Chapel North Miami Pastor Darren Bennett invites us into a deeper conversation about how the story of a mom named Hannah in 1 Samuel points us to Jesus!



Below, you’ll find some key questions to reflect on and consider in your group, with your family, or in your circle of friends, some action points fo the week, and a look ahead.

Ice Breaker: What’s your favorite memory with your mom, grandmother, or an important mother figure in your life?

Read 1 Samuel 1:9–11

Getting the Conversation Going: This past weekend, we looked at many characteristics of a mom—the love of a mom, a praying mom, a mom mourning the loss of a child, a mom’s willingness to intercede for her child. There are so many amazing examples throughout Scripture of godly moms, from Mary the mother of Jesus to Mary the mother of John Mark to Naomi to Elizabeth . . . but among them one of the most profound examples is found in 1 Samuel 1. It’s the story of Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel.

Key Takeaway: The sacrifice of a mom points us to the sacrifice of our Savior!

Hannah longed to have a child, so much so that she was willing to be open handed and entirely sacrificial as to give her child back to the Lord, the great giver of all good gifts who blesses us with children, that Samuel might serve Him! And when the call comes, Samuel responds and serves the Lord faithfully.

Discussion Question 1: How does the example of Hannah point us to Jesus?

Discussion Question 2: How has your mom or mom figure helped point you to Jesus?

Discussion Question 3: How can we as Jesus’ disciples apply Hannah’s example of sacrificial surrender?

God uses the sacrificial heart of a mother to point us to the sacrificial heart of Jesus.

This Week: Honor the influential women in your life this week. Pray for your mom, grandmother, spiritual moms, and mother figures. Lift up any teachers, sisters, and other wonderful women around you who are impacting the next generation and doing the will and work of the Lord.

Pray It Out: Share prayer requests in your group. Write down the requests of your group members, spend time praying over these requests, and keep praying individually over them throughout the week.

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