Weekend Message Takeaway: The Perfect Life

We all long for perfection. We dream of taking the perfect vacation, eating the perfect dish, landing the perfect job, having the perfect wedding, and enjoying the perfect family . . . But is perfection possible? Can we have the perfect life?

This past weekend, we continued our “Origins: The Beginning” series as Pastor Duane Roberts of our Boynton Beach campus shared a powerful message from Genesis 2:4–25. In this message, we explored God’s perfect desires for us, the creation of Eve, and the role of humanity as caretaker of the earth.

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For the Note Takers

Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Duane's teaching this weekend:

God Desires a Perfect Life for Us: Man was given the breath of life. It was the breath of Almighty God Himself that made us living beings with a living soul. God imparted His image and likeness into us. And just as in the Garden, today when someone receives Christ Jesus as their Lord, the Holy Spirit indwells them, making them spiritually alive.

God Desires a Perfect Place for Us: God planted the Garden of Eden and placed Adam there. Eden was a place of delight and pleasure for man to fully enjoy and appreciate the fullness of God’s creation and the glory of His presence. Everything Adam saw, ate, and experienced there was perfect. Eden was better than anything that could be found on the outside, better than the most magical paradise you could find on the earth today because it was planted by God. There His fullness was present; there Adam was able to enjoy a closeness and connection to God unlike any that mankind experienced until the coming of Jesus. 

The Lord not only put Adam in the garden to enjoy, but also to tend and keep it. To tend meant to serve God and worship Him through work. To keep meant to watch over it and guard it. And the first command given within the Garden? The first instruction from God on tending and keeping this paradise? “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die” (Genesis 2:16–17 NKJV). 

God’s call for Adam to keep the Garden was all about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But why did He even place the tree in the Garden? Isn’t that tree where all our problems began? Isn’t that tree the cause of our downfall? No! God is sovereign over our temptations; He created us with free will to obey His will. Without choice, free will doesn’t exist. But we must remember that when our temptations get the better of us it’s not because God hasn’t given us better options. He filled the garden with other trees, including the tree of life, for Adam to freely eat from, enjoy, and be nourished. In fact, of all the trees, the one that should have been most desirable was the tree of life, not the one that God commanded Adam not to eat from. 

God Desires a Perfect Relationship for Us: Adam was now in paradise. He’d been given great authority, and enjoyed a beautiful closeness with the Lord. But the Lord knew that something was missing. He knew it was not good for man to be alone. He created man with needs; He knew the deep needs Adam had for companionship and help. 

So, God made Adam a suitable helper. His counterpart, a woman, was not created to be less than him. Instead, she completed him; she was his equal and his perfect compliment. Notice that Eve was not taken from his head to be above Adam or from his feet to be beneath him. She was made from his side so they could walk side-by-side as equals. 

He brings them together, the perfect union, the original and best design; the perfection of marriage. In this passage, we see three dynamics of marriage that are essential: 1. Severance (man leaves his father and mother), 2. Solidarity (he is joined to his wife), and 3. Intimacy (the two become one flesh). This is God’s perfect design for humanity and the world. In this, there is peace with God and one another.

Conclusion: Every heart longs for perfection; to return to the original state of creation, to return to God’s perfect design. Is it possible? Yes! And it all starts with the breath of life from the Spirit of God. When we receive Jesus and are saved, we are a new creation in Christ, spiritually alive and in right relationship with the God who made us. We also receive adoption and inheritance, the expectation of future glory and perfection in eternity. 

Quote to Remember: God knows what’s best and His timing is perfect.—Pastor Duane Roberts


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