Are You Losing Sleep?

“Yet regard the prayer of Your servant and his supplication, O Lord my God, and listen to the cry and the prayer which Your servant is praying before You today.”—1 Kings 8:28 (NKJV)
Have you ever been excited about a vacation? For some of us, the mere thought of a vacation can be all-consuming! You know the feeling: anxiously lying in bed the night before, thinking about how much fun you anticipate, wondering if you packed everything. Think of a child after having been told they’re going to Disney World! The trip there is likely inundated with the question “Are we there yet?”
There is nothing abnormal about this. The problem comes in when you respond to everyday life situations in the same way. If you’re anything like me, a phone call from my wife in the afternoon expressing that “we need to talk when I get home” throws my nerves into frenzy. My anxiety can’t handle the anticipation of the conversation that will take place when I get home, be it good or bad.
There are even moments my poor wife wakes up and taps me during the night to stop me from obnoxiously shaking my leg while we’re in bed. The thought of what I’ll face when I arrive at work in the morning keeps me awake at night a little longer than my wife or I would like. It’s called anxiety, and yes, I grapple with it.
As an antidote to my battle with anxiety, I have to constantly remind myself of how Jesus wants me to handle this issue. Jesus would say, “Darren, don’t burden yourself with this. Give that to Me! You rest.” He might even say something along the lines of, “Darren, why allow yourself to be anxious about the things you feel you need? Haven’t I always provided for you? The birds in the sky seem to be more at ease then you, and you’re much more important to Me than the birds!”
The evenings my wife and I get the best sleep are typically when I prayerfully bring God the very issues that would otherwise cause me to rapidly shake my leg for hours. The truth is I’m learning to get out of God’s way when it comes to the many issues in my life. I’m learning to rest in Him and His promises concerning me. I’m learning to trust His sovereignty more and more because He hasn’t failed me yet. And as a result, I’m sleeping a lot better at night.
Dig: Read Matthew 6:25–34, 1 Peter 5:7, and Matthew 11:28.
Discover: If you currently wrestle with anxiety, whatever is causing your anxiety needs to be placed at God’s feet. His Scriptures promise that you will discover a new sense of peace and rest concerning that issue.
Display: Once you allow God to lift the very issue(s) burdening you, those around you will instantly notice this new rested assurance you have in God on display.

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