Choose Death!

“For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection.”—Romans 6:5 (NKJV)
Death . . . the topic our brains avoid as often as possible. It isn’t even something we do consciously. It’s so ingrained in our makeup as humans to avoid the idea of death that this avoidance automatically happens in the deepest parts of our subconscious.
This is sort of crazy in light of how much death we’re exposed to in our daily lives. It’s all over the news, often witnessed in movies, and the theme of many television shows. So why are we avoiding the idea of our own death? Why am I even talking about all of this?! Here’s why:
Christ calls us to death: to die to ourselves, every day. So start now!
We’ve been convinced by society and culture that death is something we need to postpone thinking about until it’s staring us in the face. Until then, we’re supposed to do everything to promote longevity of life and enjoyment of the pleasurable things it has to offer. I bought into it for the longest time.
Here’s the crazy, ironic, illogical, mysterious, absurd, irrational idea of following Jesus Christ: it is only through uniting “together in the likeness of His death,” (Romans 6:5 NKJV) that we truly find life! You see, the only way a true resurrection can occur is if a true death has taken place. What is there to resurrect if nothing has actually died?
Here’s the problem . . . most people believe the gospel message based on the idea that accepting Jesus into their soul will bring life, which is true. But what most people don’t fully understand is that they’re also signing up for a life-long commitment to die to themselves daily in order to find that life! This idea is something I logically understood for years, but have only recently begun to understand in my soul, and the difference between these two will change your life.
Christ’s greatest act of love was shown by His death on the cross in order that we might have life. The greatest miracle of all time is that He was resurrected to life three days later and conquered death. When we truly understand God’s extravagant love for us displayed on the cross, then we will also choose to die to ourselves and Paul’s proclamation in Romans will make sense!
What does it look like to practically die to ourselves every day in order to live for God? God said to show Him your love by LOVING OTHERS!
DIG: Are you trying to avoid your death, rather than willingly accepting it?
DISCOVER: How do you think God is calling you to deny yourself today and live for someone else?

DISPLAY: Because God has so loved you, how can you now love someone else? Make a list of ways and start dying to self!

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Joel DeSousa