Weekend Message Takeaway: “Built to Last”

This past weekend, we concluded our series on the Sermon on the Mount with an in-depth look at Matthew 7:1–29. In this message, Pastor Doug explained how to build a rooted, blossoming, lasting life of faith.

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For the Note Takers

Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

Evaluate How You Are Building Your Life (Matthew 6:24–27): You can only truly see the strength of one’s foundation when the storm comes. The Christian life isn’t just an emotional response or following a set of rules, it’s a complete commitment to a lifestyle. The early Church called Christianity the way. Why? Because it wasn’t just a belief, it was their way of life.

This last chapter of the Sermon on the Mount is all about the application of Jesus’ words into our way of life . . . it’s about building a life that will withstand the test of time and the storms of this world. But what if you haven’t built your life on the rock to this point? What if you’re on a shaky foundation? There is good news: If you built poorly, you can rebuild! With Christ as the foundation and the help of others, you can build a life that's meant to last.

Ruthlessly Eliminate Self-Righteousness from Your Life (Matthew 7:1–6): Self-righteousness is characterized by a certainty—especially an unfounded one—that you are totally correct or morally superior. Truth be told: You don’t have to be religious to be self-righteous . . . but religious self-righteousness is the worst kind. 

Have you ever been so convinced that you’re right? Oftentimes, this leads to a sense of superiority over those we deem wrong. It leads to a judgmental, unforgiving, prideful attitude.

This kind of life, though, is not on solid ground. It’s not one that can last. Why? Because being judgmental is exhausting and blinding. It’s a burden and a deceptive curse. It takes energy and robs us of joy and vitality. We are not meant to sit on the throne of judgment—that is reserved for God alone. So, if you want to thrive in this life, let God do the judging. 

Never Give Up on Your Pursuit of God (Matthew 7:7–12): Pursue God every day! Ask, seek, knock . . . these are continuous verbs. They're not a single instance or solitary moment; it's a way of life in which we're constantly seeking His will, loving without limitations, and exhibiting humility before God and others.

If You Love God, You Will Invest in Others (Matthew 7:12): You are deeply and wholly loved by a generous God. When you walk in His love, it frees you to live a generous life unto others. The Golden Rule is Jesus inviting us to love without limitations, to love others as He loves them and us. As a believer, one of the best ways you can you pour His love out into someone else is by investing in them through discipleship.

Look for Truth on the Narrow Road (Matthew 7:13–23): Most people won’t make it to heaven. This is a sad reality, but a true one as evidenced by Jesus’ statement about the wide and narrow roads. Thus, we can’t live like and act like the majority of people are living and acting. Instead, if you want live like no one else is living, you have to do what no one else is doing. You have to build your life on the foundation of Christ, not self.

Tell Yourself the Truth (Matthew 7:15–23): There is a huge difference between being judgmental and exercising judgment . . . one that every believer needs to learn well. Being judgmental is all about condemnation and self-righteousness. It sees the speck in the eye of another while ignoring the log in one’s own eye. It’s hateful, prideful, and damning. Exercising judgment is discerning God’s truth and will in a situation and then showing love, grace, and compassion. It’s not about doling out a sentence but about understanding the truth and coming alongside others so they can experience freedom and redemption.

Quote to Remember: Is your life built on a solid foundation? Has it survived the storm? If not, would you be willing to trust the wisdom of Jesus to rebuild it?—Pastor Doug Sauder

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A Look Ahead
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