March Date Night Challenge

Enjoy the Little/Big Things 

I remembered how when my husband and I would go on walks, he would gently move me so he was walking on the outside because he was my protector.  I remembered ironing his shirts with a crease down the middle, the way he liked it.  Then the strangest memory emerged—it was like seeing a commercial for a burger while watching a documentary on staying fit—the memory was totally out of place. It was a memory of my husband coming home from work and leaving his big work shoes right there at the front entrance because they couldn’t make it to the shoe closet that was three feet away. I would get so angry and blurted out a high-pitched, snarky remark, “Babe, can you put these away? I just tripped on them for the hundredth time!” To which he would quietly come back and put them where they belonged.  

After years of getting so frustrated over those stinking shoes, the Lord convicted me with His gentle voice, “What if you prayed for him whenever you see his shoes? Pray he will walk close to Me and follow after Me.” I felt so convicted that this little issue of shoes by the front door would bring about such a hurricane of rage from the depths of my heart. 

Have you ever found yourself in that internal battle with yourself? The smallest things can be the things that make us crazy, but they can also be the things that, over time, make us feel so loved.

What if we were intentional about doing the things we feel we shouldn’t have to be burdened with, like picking up dirty clothes when they’re on the floor or making that extra cup of coffee for your spouse when they’re running late. Or how about the random, “I love you,” text you send that just causes your spouse to smile in the middle of his leadership luncheon? What if we did the little, unglamorous things for our spouse as unto the Lord? Imagine what would continue to happen over the years!  

“Enjoy the little things in life for someday you will realize they were the big things.” When I saw that little pillow at Kohl’s, I knew I needed a reminder to do just that. Who knew picking up shoes that aren’t yours can be holy instead of a hassle!

Date Night Ideas for March

Challenge 1: Exercise Date
Take a class at a gym, start a running regimen, or how about doing P90X or Insanity in your living room? Working out together will allow you to enjoy lots of fun benefits as a couple and inspire you to work towards your goals as a team.

Challenge 2: Photography Date
Grab your cameras and head outside to take pictures. You can stay close to home—pick a spot that inspires you or just drive until one of you sees something you want to capture. Then, snuggle up next to each other and enjoy seeing the world through one another’s eyes.

Challenge 3: Burger Date
Find your favorite burger joint by trying out all of the burger hot spots around town. Rate each burger from 1-10 until you find your favorite.

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