February Date Night Challenge

Five Ways to Make this Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us are concentrating on finding things to do or gifts to buy. Every year, Americans spent billions of dollars for the holiday. Obviously, we’re all trying to buy or create the perfect experience for our spouse, but the world will tell us this is what defines our success in relationships.

Personally, I look back and laugh because over the past 16 years in my marriage many of our “hallmark” moments were not the ones that were “Instagram worthy” or “picture perfect.” Instead, they were the Valentine’s that ended up in a headache or a disagreement because it thwarted our expectations. We still laugh about those dates gone wrong because those were the tense moments that led to great make-up memories!

Even the best-planned dates are subject to unmet expectations or the reality of things unraveling. It’s not about conforming to what the world’s standards are or what everyone else is posting on social media. It’s about committing to love one another more than ourselves. Expressions of love come in different packages which include words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and gifts, as well as intimate moments that not only make Valentine’s Day the best, but more importantly enhance our marriages.

What if we took the month of February to spend some time coming up with some relational goals? Check out these ideas below. 

Five Ways to Make this Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

  1. Take time to evaluate where you are as a couple on your journey. What would you like to see change about your relationship? What do you love about the season you’re in with each other? Commit to a plan of action that will help you make this year better than the rest. Some of us need to dream out loud.
  2. Unplug from the rest of the world and its expectations for what a perfect Valentine’s Day or relationship should look like. Focus just on your spouse’s expectations. What makes them feel special and loved? They may prefer quality time alone to an expensive dinner. Take time to discover this list together.

  3. Do something together that reminds you why you fell in love. Where did you go on your first date? Are you still doing the small things that you loved in the beginning? The back rub, the special meal, the nicknames you used to call each other?

  4. Use your words to speak life into one another. Reflect on what you appreciate most about your spouse and tell them. List their greatest qualities. Pray over one another.

  5. Purpose to seek God by asking: What does God want us to do together?  Watch God use you together for His purpose. There is nothing more attractive than serving Jesus with your spouse. Use your gifts as a couple to advance the kingdom.

As Christian couples, let’s show the world how to do it well! We aren’t going to accomplish perfection, but our marriages are beyond worth it. Let’s purpose to lavish our love on our spouses and celebrate the big and the little moments of this year together. 

Date Night Ideas for February 

Challenge 1: Fire It Up!
Schedule an appointment to throw clay at a pottery studio and bring your creations home to display (or hide it in the back of your closet—depending on how it goes). Make sure to book your date in advance!

Challenge 2: Dining Destination
Turn your dining room or outdoor patio into a dining destination (complete with a table cloth and candles) and get all dressed up for one another. Don’t forget to have your favorite romantic music playing in the background!

Challenge 3: 1, 2 . . . Cha, Cha, Cha!
Waltzing, salsa, merengue, swing dancing, line dancing . . . there are so many fun options, and you can have a blast learning something new together and even more fun practicing at home!

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