Regarding Lockdown Today at CCA / CCFL Campus

This afternoon an alert on our school security system was triggered notifying all staff, administrators, and security personnel of a potential armed intruder. As trained, all alerts are treated as a real situation, and the facility and staff responded immediately to ensure the safety of all students and people on campus. When an alert is triggered, it simultaneously alerts local authorities who responded immediately. After the police concluded a sweep of the campus and ensured safety, students were later dismissed. 


It was determined there was no threat and it appears to have been a false alarm. The determination of whether human or technological error is what caused the alarm is now being investigated. Regardless, we are grateful no one was hurt, that there was no threat, that our students and faculty responded well as trained, and we’re thankful for our local law enforcement that responded swiftly to ensure safety.


Thank you for all those who saw the news unfolding today and prayerfully responded.

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