Weekend Message Takeaway: “The Celebration of Marriage”

This past weekend, we were joined by special guest Doug Fields as we closed out our mini series, “Family Matters.” In this message, we explored the importance and beauty of marriage, as well as the impact your marriage can have on your kids and the people around you. 

Watch the video below to see a few highlights from the teaching and share it with your friends via social media. To watch the message in its entirety, click here.


Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Doug's teaching this weekend:

Marriage Needs to be Honored by All (Hebrews 13:4): As followers of Jesus, we should speak highly of marriage and build it up. We need to become marriage advocates, people who demonstrate just how valuable and powerful the marriage covenant is, who see marriage as God’s beautiful design for humanity. As a married person, you can honor your spouse by seeing him or her as highly valuable and expressing gratitude to one another.

Marriage Needs to be Enjoyed (Ecclesiastes 9:7–10): Life goes by really fast, it’s fleeting, so enjoy the time you have with your companion. The most effective way to enjoy your marriage is to date your mate. You’re not living life to its fullest when you’re living in a routine or stuck in a rut. So experience the fun and power of enjoying one another and dating one another all over again. 

Marriage Needs to be Prioritized (Genesis 2:24): Your marriage actually needs to be prioritized over your parenting. At some point, your child(ren) will leave the home, but your spouse will always be with you; your spouse is one with you. Your marriage is your most important relationship, aside from your relationship with God. Your marriage should not be child-centric; it should prioritize your spouse. 

Quote to Remember: The greatest gift you can give your child(ren) is a healthy marriage.Doug Fields

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