Weekend Message Takeaway: “Untold Stories”

At the end of the Gospel of John, the apostle tells us that there are many untold stories of Jesus' great works and ministry . . . so many that all the pages in all the books around the world couldn't contain them! This weekend as we concluded "The King and His Cross," Pastor Doug shared from John 21.

In this study, we saw the power of Jesus’ story, why we shouldn't leave our personal Jesus stories untold, and how God wants to use our Jesus stories to change the lives of the people around us and beyond.

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

John Invites Us to Tell Our Jesus Story (John 20:30–31, 21:1–17): As Christ-followers, saved, redeemed, restored, and eternally secure through the amazing grace of God by faith in His Son, we are all witnesses. We all have a Jesus story . . . the story of how our relationship with Him has changed and transformed our lives.

Telling Your Jesus Story Will Cost You Something (John 21:18–23): The kind of sacrifice the gospel requires of us and calls us to is the kind that changes the world; it brings down barriers. Why? Because the aroma of sacrifice smells sweet! It moves us beyond words and makes our words real and visible; it makes the love and grace of Christ tangible. It truly does have the power to impact someone’s life and it fills and fulfills you. It is an essential part of the abundant life . . . as long as we are willing to answer the call to sacrifice. 

The World Cannot Contain All the Jesus Stories (John 21:24–25): We are the books! Our lives are the overflowing, uncontainable pages of the saving works of Jesus Christ. And when these transformed lives—with the limitless volumes of grace, restoration, mercy, and glory that Christ has poured into us—are open and put on display for all to read, God uses us to write new redemption stories into people’s lives.

Find Your Jesus Story and Tell It: Though our actions have nothing to do with gaining our salvation, they can be used by God to save somebody else. What we do with our story matters! The world needs to “read” these stories. Like John, let’s allow our lives to be used by God, to be spent fully for the only One who is worthy!

Quote to Remember: We are called to change the world, but to do it we have to embrace change.Pastor Doug Sauder

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