Family-Friendly Halloween Ideas

Halloween can be a season of, let’s face it, tension. If you’re a parent that doesn’t believe in celebrating Halloween, you know the struggle, and you know it well. Your kids come home from school every day in October saying pretty much the same thing, and for you . . . it’s getting old! Many of us have experienced that inner battle after saying “NO” for the hundredth time to our kids, and it may go something like this: “Am I a bad parent for keeping my children away from trick-or-treating? I’m not sure how much longer I can hold my ground!” And right about then, your sweet child’s face pops up in your mind, innocently asking to get dressed up and have some fun on Halloween. If you’ve spent what feels like a lifetime boycotting Halloween, searching out every Fall Festival in existence in an effort to spare your sweet children’s eyes and ears from the unforeseen horrors of Halloween, then you understand the struggle.  

"Halloween is more than a holiday to dread, it’s an opportunity to shine the light of hope, salvation, and wholesome fun."

As a church, full of parents who experience the same struggle year after year, we’ve finally come to an agreement: If you can’t beat ‘em, join em. Before you write us off, hear us out. We are by no means prescribing a witch costume and broomstick as the cure for the Halloween struggle. Instead, we’re suggesting the obvious: Be a light in your community. There are countless families in your neighborhood who are just like you searching for family-friendly Halloween options, and there are even more families who desperately need the light of Jesus on this holiday. Instead of advertising goblins, ghouls, magic, and ghosts, create an environment in your community that clearly communicates wholesome and safe fun. Why not have a party in your front yard or neighborhood park? String some lights through the trees, add a few lawn games, and invite your friends over to get the party started! Halloween is more than a holiday to dread, it’s an opportunity to shine the light of hope, salvation, and wholesome fun. Let your neighborhood know that you home is a safe place for the other families! And don’t worry, passing out candy is allowed!   Here’s a few DIY lawn games, yummy pumpkin recipes, and costume ideas for you to enjoy this Halloween!


Lawn Party Games:


No matter how you spend your Halloween this year, we pray that it is safe and fun for the whole family!

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