Weekend Message Takeaway: “The King On a Cross”

What’s the ultimate picture of love? It’s Jesus on the cross . . . the King on His throne! As our series through the Gospel of John nears its conclusion, this past weekend Pastor Doug shared from John 19:17–42. In this message, we saw the fulfillment of Jesus’ mission and how His sacrifice compels us to action.

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

The King's Throne Is a Cross (John 19:17–24): In the Garden of Eden, when sin entered the world through their sin, Adam and Eve covered themselves up in shame. On the cross, Jesus took our shame upon His shoulders as He rendered sin powerless. Jesus endured the punishment we rightfully deserved and paid for it in full.

The King's Mission Is Complete (John 19:25–30): “It is finished.” These three words, spoken by Jesus before giving up His Spirit, signaled the end of sin’s power. With this final statement of love, God's work of redemption for fallen man was complete . . . mission accomplished. 

The King's Sacrifice Compels Us to Sacrifice (John 19:31–42): The apostle John makes it a point to let us know several times that it was the Day of Preparation. This is an important thing to note. You see, while the Roman soldiers were killing Jesus, most of the Jews were home preparing their lambs for sacrifice. And yet, we read that two Pharisees, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, despite knowing that it would defile them and disqualify them from participating in the Passover festivities, found the courage to ask for the body of Jesus to bury Him. Joseph even gave up his own tomb! They were so deeply impacted by Jesus that they responded to His sacrifice with worship and sacrifice.

Quote to Remember: You will never know the fullness of God’s love until you see it on the cross.Pastor Doug Sauder

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Join us this Wednesday as we welcome special guest Doug Logan, lead pastor of Epiphany Camden Church in New Jersey, for a powerful message on racial reconciliation. Come find out how the Church can be a beacon of hope, healing, and unity in our country as we follow the example of Christ and love our neighbors.

This weekend, Plantation campus Pastor Chris Baselice will share a powerful word from John 20 as we experience the resurrection of Jesus, His encounter with the disciples, and His eye-opening interaction with Thomas. We’ll also explore the implication behind John’s motivation for writing his Gospel. 

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