Weekend Message Takeaway: “Kingdoms in Conflict”

As we inch closer and closer to the cross, this past weekend Pastor Doug explored John 18:28–19:16. In this powerful message, we learned the stark differences between the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God as we saw Jesus brought before Pontius Pilate, tortured by Roman soldiers, and sentenced to death. 

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

The Kingdom of God Transcends Human History and Culture (Daniel 2:31–45; John 18:28–32): 600 years before Jesus even enters Pilate’s court, we see how God’s kingdom is far above and beyond that of man. The kingdom both Jesus and Daniel describe is one that lasts forever. In John 18, we see the intersection of this prophecy as a ruler of the Romans comes face-to-face with the King of kings. You have this Jewish religious kingdom that’s all about righteousness and purity and this Roman kingdom that’s all about power and authority . . . and then you have the kingdom of God, which is both pure and powerful, righteous and authoritative. This kingdom is represented through the person of Christ.

The Kingdom of God Is Not Always Visible to the Human Eye (John 18:33–37): Pilate is mystified by Jesus’ response: “My kingdom is not of this world.” This is a great guide for us as we ponder how to respond to the accusations or state of the world. We don’t need to wage wars (2 Corinthians 10:4–5) as the world does because the weapons of our warfare are spiritual and we are guided by the truth. All the kingdoms of the earth are devoid of truth; only in Christ and His kingdom can truth be found. 

The Kingdoms of the World Are Weaker Than They Appear (John 19:1–16): The kingdoms of the world look strong when they are actually weak. Pilate, the one who was actually in control, the one with the power in Rome over the Jews, was essentially pressured and bullied by the Jewish religious leaders. From Babylon to Persia to Greece to Rome all the way to America, the kingdoms of this world are not unbreakable or indestructible.

The Kingdom of God Is Stronger Than It Appears (John 19:1–16): What does Jesus look like standing here in this moment, with His purple robe and crown of thorns? In this moment, He is the stone crashing against the statue and toppling it. In this moment, Jesus is unshakeable and in control! You see, Jesus was in firm control as He offered Himself up for us. Pilate had no power over Jesus, except what was given to him so the plan and promise of God may be fulfilled. Take comfort in the fact that even in this moment, Jesus was in control. And today, in everything, He is in control. He is sovereign over every square inch of all creation.

Quote to Remember: Be careful who you sell out to, because when you sell out to power it doesn’t always work out how you think it will.Pastor Doug Sauder

In this week’s featured article, Pastor Dan Hickling uses the example of David’s grief over the death of his son Absalom to show us something truly profound: that God uses mourning to produce good things in our life, even when the pain seems too heavy to bear. Click here to read the article.

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As we continue our study through David’s life this Wednesday, we’ll look at 2 Samuel 24:1–17. As we near the end of this book, we’ll see that David sinned against God by conducting a census and ended up being punished for it. This chapter shows the importance of confessing our sin, and that God is faithful despite our disobedience.

This weekend, we will finally come to it, the King on our cross. As we near the end of our study through the Gospel of John in John 19:17–42, Pastor Doug will detail the events of Jesus death on the cross and His burial. 

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