Weekend Message Takeaway: “Answering Jesus’ Prayer”

You can learn a lot about a person by listening to them pray. This past weekend, Pastor Doug shared a message from John 17, where Jesus prays His longest recorded prayer in the Gospels. In this message, we see the significance of Jesus’ prayers for Himself, His disciples, and all believers right before His arrest and crucifixion. 

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

Glory Is on Jesus’ Mind (John 17:1–8): In Jesus’ prayer, He demonstrated the intimacy of His relationship with the Father. Here He expressed that He had fulfilled the mission the Father had given Him, to speak eternal life to mankind and to show us the way to Him, so that we could know Him personally. And He asked for the Father to glorify Him in the coming hour.

Unity Is on Jesus’ Mind (John 17:9–14): Just as we see unity between the Father, Son, and Spirit, Jesus prayed the Father would keep His disciples in unity and strengthen them. Jesus knew the world would hate them, so He prayed that they would have His joy.

Mission Is on Jesus’ Mind (John 17:15–19): We’re in the world, not of the world. This means we’re not meant to stay away from the world and the people in it. Jesus didn’t stay away from people; He was on the mission field all the time. He befriended sinners; He came to heal the sick and the needy. And He asks that we would be sanctified, set apart for the mission.

We Can Be the Answer to Jesus’ Prayer (John 17:20–26): Glory, unity, mission. Jesus wants us to experience the unity He has with the Father and Holy Spirit. He wants us to have unity, not uniformity. He wants us to carry out the mission of making disciples. Is this prayer being answered in your heart? Are we, as the Church, breathing the aroma of belief into the community? 

Quote to Remember: Uniformity is the work of the flesh . . . to make everyone look, feel, act, and speak the same.Pastor Doug Sauder

Watch the video below to hear Pastor Doug share the amazing story of how Church United worked together to meet needs and provide hope in the fallout of the Fort Lauderdale shooting earlier this year. And hear Doug read a letter from a grateful man in response to the work God did through South Florida churches:



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This Wednesday, we’ll continue studying David’s life by looking at 2 Samuel 16–17. These two chapters deal with events that were caused by Absalom’s rebellion and shows the inescapable and ever-expanding consequences that one person’s decisions can make.

This weekend, our series through the Gospel of John will bring us to John 18:1–27. In this study, we’ll see Jesus’ arrest, Peter’s denial, and the trial before the high priest.

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